Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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VirgoCompany 2016年10月16日 22時12分 
Dead mod.
=]NOD[=captain sansibal NSA 2016年5月12日 8時12分 
try to play-makes the game crash down.....
Gulgumush 2016年2月4日 9時49分 
Is this mod dead?
It's A Giraffe 2015年7月30日 10時33分 
One thing I noticed was the bombers in the skybox don't move. Do you think you could change this? Awesome map, by the way!
Ordo Skirata 2015年2月11日 6時00分 
Leandro 2015年2月6日 16時54分 
HODOR KING IN THE NORTH 2014年9月13日 15時49分 
looks dark and depressing. I LOVE IT!!!!!!
Kapteeni Kärsimys 2014年9月4日 12時55分 
Looks pretty :D. Cant wait when its completely finished.
Vidkun Quisling 2014年9月1日 8時46分 
Yup, 2.Fjg added the map to the rotation. I can't speak for the clan, but in general, the server liked the map. It has a RO 1 feeling to it.
WoLvErInE  [作成者] 2014年9月1日 8時28分 
Thx guys. I appreciate all the love for the map. I had lots of plans for this map, but since no one was playing custom maps, I kinda had giving up on it. Robin, Thanks for the video.

Plan was to add under ground sewer system. add more vertical play to the map, like 2nd floors, 3rd floors, roof tops....etc.

If the interest is still there, I might just finish it.

Once again, thx for all the comments.
Vidkun Quisling 2014年8月31日 23時45分 

I documented my first time on the map .. lol
Vidkun Quisling 2014年8月31日 18時30分 
Nice map, increase tickets maybe?
sergei 2014年8月31日 7時19分 
Sicras 2014年8月30日 21時03分 
Capn Slap A Hoe 2014年8月30日 18時40分 
Nice map.
Green Arrow 2014年8月30日 1時29分 
Good map but you cant run fast enough on this map
Yosif_Pilyushin 2014年8月25日 16時34分 
My favorite map in terms of atmosphere hands down !
Griffin 2014年8月23日 0時02分 
Good Team kill...But Its a Nice map :)
Setamiesrautanen 2014年8月18日 6時31分 
Really needs more textures, the ground is just boring.
Nikolai Bulganin 2014年8月13日 15時05分 
good idea,though the texture of the houses are black,I think it give it that dark side to war
war wasnt pink and rainbows,its realistic and HARDCORE
Vatel 2014年8月13日 14時38分 
This looks really awesome. Great idea. And with some eyecandies.....hmm, that would be wonderfull. Sorry for my English.
Ordo Skirata 2014年8月13日 12時56分 
Very very cool! But a few textures are black! In exampel the house textures & the cars :(
Tremozl 2014年8月11日 14時32分 
I like the design, its a good map, and quite fun. It does feel underdetailed at the moment, but as you've said it's only Alpha - I'm sure more will be added :)
Dead 2014年8月11日 10時14分 
Дождь классный, карта гавно.
Nova Prospekt 2014年8月9日 11時32分 
Ordo Skirata 2014年8月8日 10時57分 
Die Bilder machen Lust auf mehr ^^
Jaime Lannister 2014年8月8日 8時52分 
armyboy54 2014年4月29日 15時17分 
i remember being one of the first to test this map
Kfyatec 2014年4月27日 9時28分 
Could you rename this map to be more realistic like Berlin 1945 or something what it looks like?
WoLvErInE  [作成者] 2013年8月12日 17時51分 
Updated To V4........August 12th,2013
squidmanxxx 2013年4月27日 2時33分 
Very good effort, The lightning is needed you can see people inside buildings or snipers. A day version or no rain would be a little to easy since this is a small map. It's would to even more crazy if there were some tunnels underground to simulate sewers. Maybe a couple of block houses to fight thru not all the way blown up. Since I think this as Berlin at the end of the war, limit it to machine guns only. NO SNIPERS, NO RIFLES.
WoLvErInE  [作成者] 2013年4月1日 19時28分 

Alpha 3: April 1, 2013

- Changed Obj's set-up.
- Made Obj's lock after being captured.
- Fixed rain sound cutting-off after initial start.
- Fixed Bomber sound cutting-off after initial start.
- Reduced number of bombers.
- Fixed thunder sound cutting-off after initial start.
- Fixed lightning timer to match skybox.
- Adjusted map lighting a bit.
- Adjusted some spawn point, where player spawned under the map.
- Added more cover-nods.
- Fixed some cover-nods not working properly.
- Fixed Mesh collision top of sniper towers.
- Fixed areas where players were getting stuck.
-Adjusted few kismet issues.

BleedingBullet7.62 2013年3月23日 16時20分 
Lightning is a bit over powering and the Rain is too intense. Needs to be toned down a notch. Other than that, great map. could use more statics to detail the streets
efimo.andrei2012 2013年3月23日 3時21分 
и пишите на русском
poliorcete 2013年3月23日 2時49分 
i find the rain a lit thick for my taste but the reality n not wait weather
tommiegun 2013年3月22日 13時19分 
CRAZY MAP just played it online......i liked the map...good hiding spaces. spooky vibe with the lightning and rain gives a good vibe.
AUTUMN WIND 2013年3月22日 0時11分 
I like this map, but after two rounds the rain hurt my eyes, I saw just straight white lines.
I like the rain in games but this one is bad for me. Any chance you will improve the rain?
WoLvErInE  [作成者] 2013年3月21日 16時46分 
Thanks guys ;-)
Anderson 2013年3月21日 10時09分 
Rain maps are good. Keep up!
AUTUMN WIND 2013年3月20日 2時07分 
Thank you!
WoLvErInE  [作成者] 2013年3月18日 17時24分 
Thank you guys! I appreciate all the feedback...I'll be looking into all the stuff thats been mentioned here and in the TWI forums, to make this map better for you all.
[PB] Lexa Rostovskiy 2013年3月18日 9時44分 
This reminded me of the MAP, the map of the game UT2004_Red_Orchestra RO-Kiev. I think you know that sometimes the sound of the rain disappears. many planes in the sky, it seems unnecessary
[PB] Lexa Rostovskiy 2013年3月18日 9時35分 
I like the MAP. rain lightning. it is unusual. I think. necessary to complete
North_Dumpling 2013年3月18日 8時43分 
P.S.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcLXckOZK-U Its minimum quality the rain in the games.
North_Dumpling 2013年3月18日 8時40分 
Hey WoLvErInE this map is so good but rain is really suck,dont worry,if you lucky with RO2 SDK so please to do more dinamic rain,its already 2013 yer but if in the game is no where good rain,RO2 were suck for a long time.
North_Dumpling 2013年3月18日 8時03分 
Maybe if the future,rain was more realistic in UE3/4.
BlackWolf 2013年3月18日 6時23分 
Map works fine as far as i've tested. But maybe you should remove some of the flying bombers. The sky looks quite crowded.^^
The Apostle 2013年3月18日 3時05分 
Looks Great
R5CYA 2013年3月17日 19時34分 
thanks for all your hard work!