Portal 2
Advanced Bridging
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TBoy205 2017年12月12日下午11:09 
That was way too much back and forth bullshit for that simple of a map
jandlml 2017年10月29日下午4:46 
this was fun. what was the angeled panel on the wall in the area behind the button for?:steamhappy:
bullfrog 2017年5月1日上午1:07 
Great puzzle. Had a bit of trouble getting the laser to hit the catcher that dispenses the cube, but then realised I was using the wrong wall!
psn_markm1978 2015年3月15日下午3:23 
Quite a few unexpected twists in this, nice personal touches in the design as well.
BumbleGrum 2014年4月21日上午12:47 
Beautifully done Paul. Me 'ats off to ya lad. Skullduggery in the extreme. 10/10.
SkyRoots 2013年8月1日下午6:36 
Absolutely brilliant. I loved it!
Anna 2013年3月15日上午10:28 
I played through your map and added commentary on puzzle and graphical desing, I hope it's useful! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWBUA_FnDdw
Stagger Lee 2013年3月11日下午4:57 
I enjoyed this one. Nice work.
nintendo.erk 2013年3月11日下午1:21 
Very good job, love this kind of puzzles
Phrendon 2013年3月11日上午11:14 
loved it. Eurosongs comment help me understand what to do.
WAP 2013年3月11日上午6:42 
too hard omg!
Goat  [作者] 2013年3月10日下午4:12 
@[~Trophy<3~] lol thanks
Jake 2013年3月10日上午5:01 
:O nofuckingway you made it to the first page with your impossible maps.
EuroSong 2013年3月8日下午1:46 
Love it. Clever how you made the button a toggle.
Innocentive 2013年3月8日下午12:25 
Good puzzle! It was fun portaling the light bridge around. I would like to see more!!! :D