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Xian Mei
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Leon 27 maja o 21:37 
en game maps esta la version de rochelle (para los que la quieran)xd
♬SAKI▆▇█ ♪ 22 kwietnia o 22:12 
Replaces Rochelle please.....
DeweyPlaysIt 13 maja 2017 o 16:22 
It'd be great to have this model replace Rochelle!
EvilLord 27 lutego 2017 o 13:54 
Nice job x3 she looks EPIC

also a request if possible can you make RE4 ada's Red dress with Sexy phycis like this mod you made :D

id love to have it if you do x3
†DaRk_XxLaLOxX 99† 6 lipca 2016 o 16:43 
Replaces Rochelle please.....
DigitalDivision (ง'-')ง 22 kwietnia 2016 o 21:17 
@Lalle NO
Lalle 18 marca 2016 o 4:39 
Could someone please replace Ellis with her. would be so awesome.
†DaRk_XxLaLOxX 99† 17 lutego 2016 o 15:05 
Nice job.....
Cockwork Orange 21 września 2015 o 23:50 
I would like to replace Xian Mei from Xian Mei, is this possible?
Snivelill 11 kwietnia 2015 o 17:03 
Honestly... this should have replaced Ellis considering the other three are on the other team.
daniil306 27 lutego 2015 o 4:27 
Ну и китайская тёлка
NitroShard 14 października 2014 o 15:21 
This is my favorite character but can you please make a replacement for rochelle please
Handsome Spaps 27 czerwca 2014 o 12:59 
i chose her as my character for dead island i love being her
(PHC$) El Hoxo 3 kwietnia 2014 o 16:23 
i agree wish ellis was a girl and Xian mei as ellis full dead island team!
R!C 23 marca 2014 o 7:50 
please upload the xian mei replacement for rochelle
Mr.Sm0ke :D 15 marca 2014 o 6:14 
nice!!! thanks
Music Game 2 października 2013 o 19:47 
Veela ♥ 29 września 2013 o 16:04 
Well done :P
Mistrzunio 8 sierpnia 2013 o 11:15 
So good :):diaxe::palmtree:
JurassicClark96 25 lipca 2013 o 19:00 
Excellent mod! Definitely the best one I have!

My only problems are the fingers and the clipping on her skirt, if it's not possible to stop the clipping, I would suggest shortening it.

Alll in all 4.5/5 definitely a great one.
Rezi™ 7 lipca 2013 o 0:55 
Replace Elis as John Morgan in Dead Island: riptide
Kadaj Silverwing 19 maja 2013 o 17:41 
i really love having all dead island charcters on l4d2 its awesome thanks! i wonder if maybe its ok with you that we also get the same version of this to replace ellis for a complete l4d2 cast replacement... or if its ok with you if we can use this but to make a version to replace rochelle and ellis. this of course requires permision to make a ellis and rochelle version which is why im asking . please can i use this to make a ellis and rochelle version of this? orignial credit will be you and will be given.
DLister 10 maja 2013 o 15:50 
please replace elis
Gorilla 23 kwietnia 2013 o 20:37 
replace ellis.. #wierdidea but anyway i want all dead island characters together .. pretty please :)
FeLex 19 kwietnia 2013 o 1:50 
Yes, very please replace rochelle with this
Hevdark 7 kwietnia 2013 o 10:35 
+1 Replace Rochelle :D
Bilip 7 kwietnia 2013 o 9:47 
plz make it for ellis
its much cooler
Grax 19 marca 2013 o 18:24 
A giant error message! thanks so much!
R234 19 marca 2013 o 0:30 
Oh wow! Facial flexes, AND jigglebones for the skirt and hair (her hair was static in DI)! This mod isn't leaving my mods list any time soon!

Uhm... That said I do have one tiny gripe with it though: her fingers aren't quite rigged right, they tend to deform a bit and clip through pistols' grips. If that gets fixed this mod'll be plain perfect!
ronir 15 marca 2013 o 3:36 
I like this mod very much. Please make for Rochelle
[Yk_s] Charly 9 marca 2013 o 9:52 
Great job !
Guyver 8 marca 2013 o 20:25 
Replaces Rochelle with Xian Mei from Dead Island. ok ??? plz
Kadaj Silverwing 8 marca 2013 o 16:13 
can you ALSO make her replace ellis? please... :) and downloading
Deaden 8 marca 2013 o 4:09 
Replace her with Ellis so we can have them all at once in a L4D2 map
Doktir Jade 7 marca 2013 o 11:02 
I agree with Demon Horde... make a Rochelle replacement please?
Demon Horde 7 marca 2013 o 1:59 
no omega man this is a terrible replacemnt ... why replace zoey ??? Zoey > that rochelle , replace rochelle instead
Omega_Mega 6 marca 2013 o 17:50 
NIce replace... Loved her in Dead Island
argeshapke 5 marca 2013 o 1:43 
Зой круче
Guyver 2 marca 2013 o 7:50 
Было бы не плохо по пробовать Зой одеть в одежду этого персонажа
Guyver 1 marca 2013 o 23:02 
А можно её вместо рошель ? сделайте это пожалуйста !