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Left Hand Rings - Dawnguard
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Link117 2月10日 17時19分 
thers 3 diffrent rings in dawnguard does this work with all 3?
Krytonx 2016年6月20日 4時53分 
Type in console: help "(insert ring name here) (left)" for the id of the ring. :)
Royal Zilla 2016年1月8日 10時16分 
Anybody know the item id of the ring?
Antares 2015年12月29日 3時24分 
Just cheking all my mods, to see if I have the THUMBS UP activatet on all the mods i uns, which all you creative people out there deserve!
And to use this opportunity to say thank you once again for all that work!

Thank you all for adding your own special touches, the humor, sharing your ideas, solving problems and (dang, what is ther word...?) .............needs!
Making Skyrim an even better place and an endles game:
Allways some new things to discover and try!

To all of you the best wishes for the New Jear, in private as well and here in Skyrim.:steamhappy:
Gorbash 2015年11月12日 12時47分 
yay rings
Cris Without H 2015年9月7日 8時17分 
It would be really great if you made a version of the mod that is compatible with Valuable Clutter. Because honestly, the vanilla jewelry is worthless.
TheMuffinMan 2015年4月28日 12時22分 
you should make a dragonborn one
JavaAreii 2015年4月9日 4時26分 
great mod this will increase my god-like power ALOT (i have aton of op mods)
DelMurice 2015年2月5日 0時30分 
This is one of my favoriate mods. It seems like a minor addition, but coupled with enchanting it's a game changer.
Blazeye 2014年8月24日 8時15分 
@Fourth Wall Smasher (Suppermin) Simple. Game balance.
wii7272 2014年7月28日 19時25分 
Way was this not on this elders scrolls
Von-Reaper 2014年7月5日 19時27分 
@4thwallsmasher i know i mean you have 10 fingers 5 on each hand you should be able to wear 10 (counting bolth hands)(if you dont smah your hands) at a time or 5 at a time
UKROP 2014年6月21日 13時03分 
Can you add Vampire rings?
megalomania14 2014年5月24日 12時57分 
i know what you mean DamienBlack500
picklegub 2014年4月6日 16時42分 
I wonder why Bethesda never programmed left/right/up-to-five-rings in Skyrim?
Theodamus 2014年3月13日 15時05分 
i agree with Zalrok
ZalrokChaos 2014年2月9日 14時10分 
should add the vampire rings of blood magic from Dawnguard so you can have both of them equipped at once.
DamienBlack500 2014年2月7日 17時31分 
I've been looking for a mod like this. Thanks!

It would be cool (and OP I know) if you could wear up to five rings on each hand (one for each finger). My character could get his bling on lol!
duggelz  [作成者] 2014年1月11日 15時58分 
I've uploaded version 1.4. It adds the Ring of Hircine (Left) and fixes some minor bugs.

Yes, left hand rings don't show up in first-person, as the description mentions repeatedly. Read the description for more info.

Try it out, let me know if you find any problems.
benberzerc 2013年9月26日 9時48分 
Hi there, thx a lot for the really good idea of left rings. Best regards and cheers
Zao 2013年9月14日 7時52分 
ty man nice mod
ShadowSurge [PT] 2013年8月21日 6時20分 
the Unread Books Glow mod is hidden can you put it back on plz?
Gilgamesh 2013年7月28日 15時36分 
i love ur first mod ty for it i cant imagim skyrim with out it
fucking BITCH 2013年7月24日 20時28分 
@darth_sasquach With some of the enchants you can do with rings 5 on each hand would create some real balance issues but i could see a third ring possibly(wedding ring could have it's own ring slot) but the mod is fine as is in my opinion.
fucking BITCH 2013年7月24日 20時25分 
Possibly one of the most practical equipment mods out there and it is very basic, bethesda needs to be caned in the back of the head for not adding this themselves.
darth_sasquach 2013年7月22日 12時04分 
Could you make a mod that allows one to wear 5 rings on each hand?
YoYoduh 2013年7月8日 6時46分 
Whhew ! ok I got worried for awhile there .
duggelz  [作成者] 2013年7月7日 19時35分 
@DelMurice: Should be fixed now. Steam Workshop set the other mod to hidden without telling me.
YoYoduh 2013年7月7日 7時08分 
I wish someone could find out what's going on with the other Left Hand Rings sight ?
DelMurice 2013年7月6日 12時22分 
Can't get to Left Hand Rings, so this mod is useless until the othe mod is back up
duggelz  [作成者] 2013年7月5日 20時39分 
@mgunner2001: You must have a regular right-handed bonehawk ring in your inventory to be able to create a left-handed bonehawk ring.
mgunner2001 2013年6月23日 9時24分 
I am not seeing were I can make them.. I have dowloaded the mod and let it load in steam load up menu before you play. It says its up to date is there a specific spot I have to smith them??
Easy Redbeard 2013年5月13日 0時48分 
This mod is awesome. Instructions to make it work in 1st Person are clear and concise. An excellent addition without breaking immersion. Plus, I can wear my wedding ring, lol.
andmns2997 2013年3月12日 20時19分 
I see... oh well id only want it for the enchantments and if i want that i just get a disenchanting mod and enchant the vampirre ring enchantments to a gold diamond
duggelz  [作成者] 2013年3月12日 19時43分 
@andmns2997: It would be great if this mod had left handed versions of the Ring of Namira, the Ring of Hircine, and all the werewolf and vampire rings. It doesn't. These rings are hooked into various existing scripts that I would have to modify. That would break the Unofficial Skyrim patches and anything else (vampire mods, werewolf mods) that also modified these scripts.
andmns2997 2013年3月12日 17時55分 
Could you please add the Vampire rings as left handed. Like gold vampire ring (left)
Dirt shop 2013年3月12日 10時57分 
Thanks for this mod and also for making the wedding rings left handed if one so desires.
cleare8 2013年3月8日 10時34分 
i like the sound of rings on both hands but when ever i try to load it up, the game K.T.D. and i dont know why. it might be clashing with 1 of the 158 mond im already running, but i dont know witch 1, ill keep the sub but ill have to remove the mod, sorry
duggelz  [作成者] 2013年3月6日 21時28分 
@nathan7669: I couldn't agree more :)
nathan7669 2013年3月6日 20時34分 
there needs to be a mod that just allows you to equip two rings, one on one hand and one on the other, simple as that.
it's the nutshack 2013年3月6日 15時53分 
@ bitl Hold the F key (or whatever you use to alternate between first and third person modes). Then move the camera around.
D E M 0 N - X I I I 2013年3月6日 13時13分 
I just want to be able to wear the two vampire rings on both hands.
The ones that give you 100+ Magicka and regen, and +100 Health.
Those two worn together would be CRAZY!!
bitl 2013年3月6日 4時15分 
Just how do I have the view you did on the 2-nd screen-shot? I never could look at my face after switch to fight mode with 'R' key. Thank you!!
What a camera trick / mod / command?
SPAM223 2013年3月5日 17時24分 
awsome, I needed a second ring for dawnguard
Blue Battle Gaming 2013年3月4日 7時19分 
monkyboy888 2013年3月3日 14時57分 
Hey Duggelz, glad you got this one in too. Knew you'd get it done eventually
SiamGay 2013年3月2日 9時45分 
Realy helped
high as fukk 2013年3月2日 6時30分 
Thlerasp 2013年3月2日 0時40分 
JuneBugs 2013年3月1日 23時13分