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Ez az elem azért van itt, hogy visszajelzéseket gyűjtsön a lehetséges vásárlóktól, és közösséget kezdjen építeni. Ha tetszik a terv, nyugodtan szavazz rá, vagy tedd kedvenceid közé. Az itteni szavazás csak a fejlesztő számára nyújt adatokat és visszajelzéseket, és nem járul hozzá a játék Steames közzétételéhez.

A Zöld Út nyugdíjba vonul. További információkért a Steamre való játékbeküldésről nézd meg ezt a blogbejegyzést.
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Wig Bang 2015. okt. 7., 14:59 
Ok thanks for the update. Back on list it goes
nSwarm  [készítő] 2015. okt. 7., 9:47 
@sharpnova Thanks for bringing this to my attention, we have not updated this page in forever. We've been through greenlight and we're on Steam, releasing this month in fact! Please follow us here:


Also check out our website here: http://pixelpigames.com/

Wig Bang 2015. szept. 27., 11:29 
Hmm. Dead project.

I'll try out the prototype for fun... and then take this game off my list.

Too bad. It looked promising.
Nano 2015. máj. 7., 8:55 
What ever happened to this game?
braincrab 2014. jún. 17., 6:29 
looks nice. (ps animal abuse)
Ass Smashum 2014. máj. 11., 11:28 
I played this game really early on and i've been hoping it would get made into a fully game. Good job.
lem0n 2014. máj. 6., 23:15 
looks good.
01binarygames 2014. márc. 16., 18:38 
dead project?
Lighthammer 2014. febr. 16., 8:40 
Review on russian | Обзор на русском
LightSphere 2013. szept. 28., 12:26 
Right now I'm downloading the prototype from the official site. The trailers looks just awesome. This must be a fresh breeze in the industry, or, at least, that's what I dream it's gonna be.
SeeTheBridges 2013. szept. 2., 10:43 
I loved the prototype for the game. Looks wonderful, plays awesome!
That Guy 2013. ápr. 20., 14:59 
your monster uses what sound like skyrim bear sounds.

there must be a better way to generate light than throwing pokemon

is there more to the game you could show?im not sure by your vague description of the game what exactly you do aside from what was shown in the short vid
Cheeseness 2013. ápr. 12., 1:22 
Congratulations on the Kickstarter campaign! <3
Garrett Bobby Ferguson 2013. ápr. 11., 23:50 
Looks awesome
[Outback Snekhouse] nicereddy 2013. ápr. 10., 16:01 
Just posted your project on reddit and thought you'd be interested i9n commenting: http://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/1c3h8b/pulse_a_survival_game_you_play_using_sound_has/
Cocorickoo 2013. ápr. 10., 7:06 
great idea, i sure hope you get funded and self-publish this game !
whotheowlARP 2013. ápr. 1., 10:46 
This game seems interesting, I'm going to have to keep an eye on it!
FedoraG4mer 2013. márc. 25., 14:07 
Love this game. It is amazing for just a prototype. I featured it as my first video in my "Kickin It" Series (kickstarter spotlight)
Kickin It With Pulse

Really hope the kickstarter is successful.
jwruth2 2013. márc. 21., 14:46 
I feel so bad for the mokos; I always end up throwing them off cliffs :(

Regardless, great game so far; I'm planning to back you guys on kickstarter some time at the start of April, since I have to wait to have some spending money. I hope that the kickstarter is successful as I'd love to see this game come to fruition.
nSwarm  [készítő] 2013. márc. 20., 19:17 
Thanks a lot for the support guys!

@Infurnus Hehe the geometric structure of the world is something we want to play with more. It's just touching on the kinds of stuff our artist has dreamt up. :D

@Phedran Nice! That's super awesome. I always love watching playthroughs. Thanks!
Phedran 2013. márc. 20., 16:16 
Love it so far! Just featured it on my weekly indie game spotlight series. :)
infurnus1 2013. márc. 18., 1:21 
Very cool polygonal worlds! Your 3D stuff looks really charming, the black monster totally has an Another World/Out Of This World vibe to it, loved that game. The contrast between the dark, dangerous sharp/polygonal world & the light round cute things that help you is very nice
sockpuppetcow 2013. márc. 17., 15:11 
This looks very cool. I'd definintely play it.
McCormick Sloppy Joes Seasoning 2013. márc. 16., 8:28 
cool its an awsome concept.
<USPS> AngryMoldyMan 2013. márc. 15., 3:05 
Definatly would play. Looks awsome, gotta find time to play the prototype soon.
[BBI] Cards  [készítő] 2013. márc. 14., 23:24 
@Killingfluid It may be a little morbid, but you can actually already do exactly that! Using the Mokos as distractions is one of the many things you can do with them in the prototype. The beasts are attracted to the Mokos, and... well... we'll let you find out what happens after that ;)
kuzma 2013. márc. 14., 3:04 
great concept) good luck
Moth Man! 2013. márc. 13., 21:07 
call me morbid but i can see potentual to use the little critter things you throw around to distract the hungry monsters to make an escape at the cost of your pet thing. I find mechanics like this interesting and if you could actually pull off making the world feel like a vast place full of the unknown it would be trully amazing.
Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha 2013. márc. 12., 13:21 
devils tuning fork's successor! i'd play
Seeglem 2013. márc. 12., 5:51 
maybe different little rabbit things you can unlock
nSwarm  [készítő] 2013. márc. 11., 20:44 
Thanks a ton for your support everyone. :)

@Garrett Yep! We'll have time to explore some more environments and of course greatly enhance what we show in the prototype. Stay tuned!
SilentRose 2013. márc. 11., 5:11 
Looks unique and interesting, thumbs up.
HappyFabian 2013. márc. 11., 0:43 
It looks like a really good game to be honest.
ViggyNash 2013. márc. 10., 16:28 
Looks great and it's an amazing concept. I just hope your environments are a bit more varried.
Subtext Creep 2013. márc. 10., 9:56 
It looks amazing! I will totally buy it. I will try and pledge it too (once I figure out how too...) I saw this as a browser game on Vsauce too!
zbakes 2013. márc. 9., 19:01 
its awesome and i will pledge your kickstater
McMarius11 2013. márc. 9., 14:37 
thanks for the info guys!!!
keep up the great work!!!! :)
nSwarm  [készítő] 2013. márc. 9., 13:39 
Thanks a lot guys! @Jiangshi We'll be re-doing pretty much all of the SFX and music for the full game, no worries. We'll be very carefully looking over how everything relates to the emotion of the game.
McMarius11 2013. márc. 9., 11:13 
it looooooks sooo awesome!!!!
Onipunks 2013. márc. 8., 15:55 
Very nice concept, pledged for your KS campaign.
Jiangshi 2013. márc. 7., 13:47 
Been waiting for a unique concept to pop up on greenlight. Reminds me of a puzzle game similar to Portal or Quantum Conundrum.

Not sure if it was by design or not, but I feel like the noises the Mokos make detract from the anxiety inherent to a game where you are blind and in an unknown place. I do love the fact that they tense up when danger is around though.

Otherwise, great work so far, hope the best for this game and your team.