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Vox Populi Vox Dei(a werewolf thriller): Episode 2
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249 kommenttia
EggNog 4.5.2017 kello 9.53 
the sequel is on internet geez
tzviwach 15.2.2015 kello 19.57 
This is the very anticipated sequel to one of my favorite games.
Pandarinka 14.2.2015 kello 10.59 
I will wait ep 2!!! Please free game
[K]!R0 28.1.2015 kello 10.57 
muy buen juego ojala puedan seguir adelante :D
Jrs! 23.10.2014 kello 10.30 
Vi que ya les dieron "Luz verde" Una suerte, genios. Los sigo desde muuuchos años que jugué al primero por casualidad al encontrarlo en Internet. Y hace unos 6 meses más o menos que me dí cuenta que estaba acá lo vote. Me alegra y espero que pronto pueda comprarlo y disfrutarlo, ya hacian falta buenos juegos made in Argentina. Saludos :woodlehappy:
Daddy Dank 2.10.2014 kello 11.56 
please give us an update...
artiman 2.10.2014 kello 10.55 
Can't wait for the release!
Gabriel_128 22.9.2014 kello 11.10 
day 22/09/2014
8 days left in September.
Oh my god , please do not say abandoned
Gorbongus 6.9.2014 kello 5.45 
alright man its september, ive been waiting for this. dont scare us!
Ice Mii 22.8.2014 kello 2.49 
Класс 2 эпизод сделайте Free game
EXU_SKULLY 3.8.2014 kello 11.51 
my god i played the last episode and it is a awesome game but it woulda be better as a FREE game
Verbouc Von Doom 4.7.2014 kello 9.54 
Fantastic... Voted!
Sinful Creature 20.6.2014 kello 16.32 
I played the prequel to this, like... AGES ago. I want this...
ACWraith 11.6.2014 kello 21.15 
Gratz :fhappy:
Junkey 10.6.2014 kello 8.17 
i like pixel games :D this looks good, reminds me of the old time
FuckFace 5.6.2014 kello 4.32 
when will this come out
The Flaming Monocle 27.5.2014 kello 18.50 
Played the first online, very high quality for a browser game. I'd say it's worth a couple bucks, especially if that would increase quality.
Снайпер2005 26.5.2014 kello 2.25 
PHlegm 6.5.2014 kello 12.01 
I just can't wait for the sequel of the game where werewolves aren't actually werewolves. Voted
Sky Savior 3.5.2014 kello 22.30 
What's the expected price of this game?
ionutudor2012 18.4.2014 kello 8.13 
EpyonComet 14.4.2014 kello 14.00 
I've played the first game so many times throughout the years, and I just found out this existed. I am really, really excited for this game.
BeardedJustice 12.4.2014 kello 19.46 
I can't wait to play this, I'm really hoping to explore the history of a society dominated by ninjas and werewolves.
Snufulluff The Snufulluffagus 10.4.2014 kello 0.29 
loved the first episode cant wait for second its so much for to bruttaly rip werewolves apart just to paint the walls red
LoWarDay [FR] 4.4.2014 kello 8.45 
gg steam ;)
_LoY_ 3.4.2014 kello 9.44 
good game
thereem.kh 27.3.2014 kello 12.46 
Not bad!
Potito Cocido 22.3.2014 kello 14.40 
I wanna play now!!!
Mihau 20.3.2014 kello 23.36 
I played this game on kongregate, I think I got addicted. I NEED MORE!!!
✪ jSk. 11.3.2014 kello 19.13 
ggwp :D
RadPotato 26.2.2014 kello 13.42 
I need this so bad!
Nabal 26.2.2014 kello 10.51 
Richard the Tiger Mafia 25.2.2014 kello 5.07 
The Big Grafito 21.2.2014 kello 0.10 
NDA 12.2.2014 kello 15.03 
Oh god pleaase Steam D: !
BigBootyRichard 10.2.2014 kello 15.36 
Estus 8.2.2014 kello 10.30 
I loved the first episode.
nemtabi 6.2.2014 kello 23.05 
like old game
SeKo_FPS 5.2.2014 kello 10.16 
chris 4.2.2014 kello 20.41 
please come out soon ive been following for like forever i loved the first.
Sick boy 25.1.2014 kello 10.35 
K_o_T 19.1.2014 kello 11.52 
Existentialism 13.1.2014 kello 9.25 
eit'o'eit'drummahboi 8.1.2014 kello 0.31 
Супирмэнъ 3.1.2014 kello 9.13 
Very Good
AleGator 24.12.2013 kello 5.04 
kyozin 22.12.2013 kello 13.51 
hmm I'll think about it...
BrandonCherrie 19.12.2013 kello 15.06 
"Worst graphics than Pac Man"
Most worsererst Grammer then Hetlir
@NICK OTDACHA 19.12.2013 kello 11.22