Portal 2
Dilapidation: Part 0
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Schokomuffin78 máj. 24., 13:08 
Got stuck :(
kharmon ápr. 2., 13:11 
Well thought out series of chambers. Played 0 & 1 so far and I find they require more than average thinking in order to solve. Looking forward to the rest.
MLG_j0hn-c3nA-pr0 jan. 20., 21:44 
Great puzzle, beautiful and fun and not too hard :)
Celtic Magic! 2017. szept. 28., 3:52 
A well-made and rather difficult puzzle. Well done!
Libbybapa 2017. aug. 26., 18:10 
I enjoyed the puzzle. Nothing beyond easy-medium other than finding that hidden pedestal button. How about an antline or some indication of where the button is? Regardless, very nice hammer work and nice puzzle overall.
Libbybapa 2017. aug. 26., 17:53 
I found it. Wow, that is ridiculously hidden.
Libbybapa 2017. aug. 26., 10:26 
What drops the laser cube in the second room?
Koitenshin 2017. márc. 7., 19:51 
That took me longer than I care to admit, but it was definitely enjoyable to solve.
GrtWhtBuf 2017. febr. 16., 15:16 
Hey, that was pretty fun.
Petutski 2017. jan. 18., 4:28 
Well, always learning. Thanks to previous commentors about cubes and fizzlers. Great map, thanks!
Lysergic Acid Diethylamide 2016. jún. 12., 14:17 
that took hours. 11/10
pumkinj 2016. ápr. 17., 3:07 
Spaceminnow 2016. márc. 9., 0:08 
Beautiful looking puzzles. The only thing I didn't like was the last puzzle. I solved it ok but I had mixed feelings about the portal shut off trying to send a laser to the second cube using a portal.. The programming for that condition is impressive to prevent a unintended solution. It looks unneeded to me. It may be better to place walls to block angles to the star sinage laser catcher than to use panel shut of trickery. I've seen puzzle maps that use flickering lights to catch the attention of players.
GRgoldfish 2016. febr. 21., 10:08 
OH MY #@%$!@ GOD! I've been stuck on this test for AGES! now thats its done i can get on my life and with the next 6 chambers :) ... im boned arn't I?
HolyVision 2015. nov. 23., 6:43 
8/10 :)
PeterKmad 2015. szept. 9., 10:33 
I hate you, creator. But thank you.
XaetaCore 2015. jan. 1., 6:59 
Interesting puzzle my friend.
Chelliste 2014. nov. 30., 19:51 
Interesting that a glitch in Portal's physics, being able to touch a cube that's on the other side of a fizzler without touching the fizzler, is built into a puzzle as a required part of the solution. If you didn't know that was possible, you could spend a very, very long time wracking your brain. The fizzler is not supposed to be like a laser field in that regard.
Tony 2014. okt. 20., 18:05 
Lu Lu Bear 2014. aug. 26., 17:10 
Nice job- really enjoyed it!
TS_Mind_Swept 2014. júl. 23., 13:54 
wow, this was a good one, it's nice to keep making progress, even if it's just a little as you go. I did get stuck once, but thanks to ik's comment about having the reflector cube near the emansapation grill in the 2nd part and grabing it without touching the grill i got passed that part (idk if that's what I was supposed to do, but it was the only thing i could see working). Other than that, I made baby steps here and there and eventually solved it. 8/10
Natsuke 2014. júl. 16., 8:34 
Holy wow, this one made me think hard. In the final room I was like "I can do that, but I can't do that at the same time" but when I thought things through, the solution was pretty easy to find.
nuryk2002 2014. jún. 20., 18:55 
Excellent map. Perfectly solvable without any gimmicks
danne11man 2014. márc. 30., 11:37 
Good map well made :) i like it
Ehnasan 2014. márc. 22., 10:09 
Damn! My mind is completely broken! I will never be the same man I was before solving this chamber.
ik 2014. márc. 10., 16:19 
On the second puzzle, the very first step is completely random. I had no idea that there is platform, even less something to press on it (in order to get the lens cube). Put some visual clue, ant line or target curcle.

Once I solved the lightbridge puzzle it was very frustrating how to get the lens cube in my reach. I had to redo the puzzle a few times just to be able to get it closer to the field and to not touch the field myself when trying to get the cube.
It is not good idea to frustrate the players and make them redo the puzzle again and again.

Finally, I also hit the issue with swapped portals when I took the second portal gun. It was even more confusing. Try to find the issue, even if you have to ask valve developers.
Pipow 2014. jan. 17., 9:52 
Very good map, with a nice design and clever puzzles.
gabet4 2014. jan. 14., 22:13 
a touch of excelence
Eagleshadow 2013. dec. 11., 12:42 
Not sure if intended solution: http://i.imgur.com/vIHDWbW.jpg
mechtakendall 2013. nov. 4., 14:59 
Nice puzzle, I enjoyed that. Design 7/10 Difficulty 6/10
Bearkiller72 2013. okt. 15., 13:50 
Well, tbh, this is a truly magnificent puzzle, no doubt! :-) But the the part, where in order to get the dual portal gun you have to direct the laser angular instead of rectangular, which is the logical solution, is a bit over the top. This is a good conceived, well realized and eye pleasing Portal 2 puzzle. Adding such a needless detail to make it a little more complicated, spoils it somewhat. Just like jelly on a cream and pudding cake. Otherwise: can't wait to play the other parts!
snowowl 2013. okt. 14., 18:23 
Wow that's a long first map. I expected a couple rooms, but that was a real test. It started out very slow and choppy, but after the second room, it smoothed out nicely. I wasted a lot of time trying to get to the other side of wall where the pipes and a tube were. Apparently, I did not need to go there to complete the map.
LoneWolf2056  [készítő] 2013. okt. 14., 15:31 
@Wrathful Monk, yes the map can still be completed, you can change the angle of the laser and then refire a portal so you hit a different catcher
Wrathful Monk™ 2013. okt. 13., 13:53 
First sorry to say i have only just discovered this series but the slight issue is the walkthru used a portal surface that is no longer in the map, (third puzzel chamber) is it still possible without this detail, if so can you give us a bit of a hint?
Sympathiser 2013. okt. 13., 0:22 
Going to do a lets play on it maybe as soon camtasia works!
Cilyuri 2013. szept. 30., 13:59 
Nice Puzzle
Nox Deleo 2013. aug. 22., 11:35 
Really liked this test. It's nice to see the single portal gun in a more challenging environment.
Wayworn Wayfarer 2013. júl. 30., 20:00 
Amazing test chanber. I spent a while stumped on the 3rd room, but i eventualy made it through. I was extremely frusterated in some areas, especialy the end, but i definatly enjoyed it. Looking forward to playing the other parts
ADrummerDude2 2013. júl. 8., 21:28 
Wow, thanks. I have never commented on a map before, but this was the first good one I've played in a long time(at least 100 hours). I solved it by accedent after a lot of frustration. Keep up the awesome work!
LoneWolf2056  [készítő] 2013. júl. 4., 10:17 
@Haggis Thanks, glad you solved it, I orignally let it just go crazy and loop out opening and closing but decided to just close it to stop it and be manually reactivated, I hoped the player might realise it creates a logic infinite loop if they stopped to think about it some more xD
Haggis 2013. júl. 4., 7:59 
Cheers for the quick response LoneWolf. Did the level again and managed to finish it. The detail in you maps, along with the puzzles are awesome.
LoneWolf2056  [készítő] 2013. júl. 4., 6:44 
@ProfDave64 yeah occasionally that happens that it seems to swap the controls, I think it is because you get both the single and dual portal gun in the same level, not sure honestly xD I hope you enjoy the rest of the series as well :D

@Haggis Its not a glitch im stopping an infinite loop, you are redirecting the laser through the orange portal to power the catcher, that then opens the orange portal where the gun is, thus closing the orange portal you are redirecting through, that then unpowers the catcher which then reopens the portal, thus it goes into a loop. Try getting the laser to the star without using a portal.
Haggis 2013. júl. 4., 1:41 
I have encountered a bit of a problem. In part 2 of this level where you have to light up the laser catcher with the star sign beside it, when i do this the orange portal dissapears, i cannot finish the level.
ProfDave3d 2013. júl. 3., 20:06 
That was great!

And... Holy cow! And that was only Part 0? I was expecting a stylistic intro with few to no puzzles at all. That was like playing 2 or 3 different levels.

I need first aid from getting my butt zapped so many times by those red power rays!

I bumped into the same glitch that Ravoria mentioned -- firing the orange portal created a blue closed portal, etc. But it didn't thwart the solving effort.

Can't wait to see more. Thanks!
Bunyip 2013. jún. 16., 3:28 
Great job! Terrific puzzles that really bent my brain. I salute you sir!
big red foot 2013. jún. 9., 11:44 
Very Good Very hard
AmigaLink 2013. jún. 7., 21:51 
Great map. I love it!
Jelly King 2013. jún. 6., 20:06 
Took me a while!! Loved it!
Extragamer 2013. jún. 3., 6:01 
Dont seen this map at first :(
Amazing map! Really its good!