Portal 2
More cubes pl0x
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BlazeFireXero 2013年3月9日 2時59分 
Passed it. Nice map mate!
Hellraiser  [作成者] 2013年2月11日 10時43分 
richwwashburn, I know all of this mate. moneykid did all of them in the Coopcrowd Livestream. This map was rushed, completed within 1 hour, so to be honest, it's not a high fix priority for me at the moment mate.

Thanks for playing though :)
richwwashburn 2013年2月10日 7時05分 
You might want to modify the room with the three low fizzlers. You can get the cube out by just holding it high over your head. No portals are needed. Also the room with the three high fizzlers you cannot hit the faith plate circle on the first island because you hit the ceiling. I believe the solution was to make jumps by using portals but if you cannot go through the first portal on the first island it isn't possible. You can get the cube by jumping from island to island.
moneykid 2013年1月31日 12時09分 
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