Left 4 Dead 2
-Helms Deep- Reborn
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⚡NucҜyS☢cҜY⚡ Hace 1 hora 
facka you
橘子皮dada 22 JUN a las 21:15 
Viking 18 JUN a las 6:32 
When I write ss_map helms_deep_r25 campaign i have a 4 player, but when write connect_splitscreen localhost 2 i have a 1 player.

A command connect split screen localhost 2 it's working on different maps, but i do not know how on a survival mode.
Viking 18 JUN a las 6:09 
@Recycle Bin, thanks for answer me. It's working, but splitscreen not work.

I see and control 1 player an splitscreen.

Can you play survival in two people on a split screen?
Recycle Bin 18 JUN a las 5:38 
@Viking Since its a survival only map, you need to add gamemode in the end of the command.

eg: "ss_map helms_deep_r25 survival"
Viking 17 JUN a las 23:25 

I have a questions.

Can they play this campaign on ss_map?

When I choose ss_map helms ...
The campaign is loading and the game turns off.

Does anyone know the solution to this problem?
Is it possible to play on a split screen in this campaign?
ProphetOfSquid 17 JUN a las 9:26 
Aww hell yeah
pedofilia não é crime 16 JUN a las 17:24 
lSevenLands 12 JUN a las 17:51 
Also, @SeriouS_Samurai, great job on this map! I see you still work very hard on it to this day.
lSevenLands 12 JUN a las 17:45 
@Space Cowboy

In console, type sv_consistency 0.

Then when you host a local, there will be no consistency errors.

If it still does not work, tell your friends to type that.
Riusaqui 9 JUN a las 20:20 
emm ok like:steamhappy:
Dabutter 6 JUN a las 16:57 
flawless map
Bill Dry the Dry Guy 5 JUN a las 19:37 
hunting rifle error?
help would be appreciated
AngelCA5 5 JUN a las 15:48 
wonderful :v
REMMAH 3 JUN a las 12:49 
Space, you moer than likely have to do a local server.
Space Cowboy 1 JUN a las 21:49 
I'm trying to play this map with friends on Best Available Dedicated servers (Official doesn't work) but we keep getting the error "String table differs" no matter who's hosting, what add-ons we have ticked, etc. This was my favorite map to play a couple years ago but now it isn't working at all unless I boot in single player.
I've tried local server too but my friends can't connect to it and it's enforcing consistency for files even if none of us have any add-ons other than HDR checked.
I'd love to play this more with friends but it's impossible now, anybody have any suggestions or a possible fix?
Beexz 1 JUN a las 19:43 
This map is god tear
SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 27 MAY a las 5:35 
Yes it's normal because dedicated servers have to manually update which can take a while.

Two grenade launchers used to appear in the armory at the start, however experienced players would use the "grenade launcher jump glitch" as explained in the changelog https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/121068229/2595630410179488155/ . If Valve would fix the grenade launcher glitch I could add the grenade launchers back at the start.
Laser sights are rewarded as you progress through the map, one laser sight box is above the gate and the other one appears in the armory after you pass the witch.
Sargas 26 MAY a las 19:39 
Cool map, I like it.
Can we have laser sights and M79 Grenade launcher at the beginning?
Krawalla 23 MAY a las 6:37 
I really enjoy this map. Its a cool design and a nice Quest. I have a question so i can only play it with a local server is it normal?
|2|Phew™ 20 MAY a las 18:39 
Things i noticed.
Mounted guns are much better to use, quicker dismount, not as risky now.
I actually made it inside with bots, maybe luck dunno.
SI seemed to disappear the moment you shot them from way down field, didnt see that before. No biggy though.
Ellis teleports to me quick? when i`m incapped, lookes weird.
Havent had much time but it still feels great.
SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 20 MAY a las 16:09 
A new update has been released.
- Rayman1103 has updated the main script of the map: The error message "GetType" should no longer sometimes appear in console when a player joins or leaves the game. Also a crash related with Bill bot should now be fixed.
Please note that it needs to be tested more to make sure everything works as intended.
SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 19 MAY a las 17:01 
It updates automatically if you have subscribed to the mod.
Destroyk 19 MAY a las 10:21 
how i can update?
SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 18 MAY a las 12:30 
A new update is available!
- I've gone through all items in the map (see list below)

a) Remaining items that were floating or clipping through the ground/walls/objects have now been fixed.

b) Deleted 1 out of 2 pills that appears on the table in the armory after you win.

c) Deleted the incendiary ammo on the table inside the keep behind the mounted machine gun. Experienced players would save this incendiary ammo until the horses blocked the armory while inexperienced players would deploy it before respawning other players etc. The incendiary ammo outside the keep near the witch would often remain at the end due to some players not picking it up and many times the explosive ammo in the armory would remain at the end since players wouldn't pick it up.
SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 18 MAY a las 12:30 
d) Deleted the magnum on the second floor inside the keep.

e) The chainsaw spawning in the armory at the start has now been moved up to the second floor inside the keep where the magnum used to be. It will be more fun and useable having it there even for experienced players who would normally never use chainsaws. The chainsaw that appears in the armory after you pass the witch has not been moved.
SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 18 MAY a las 12:30 
- Minor optimizations: Optimized one of the platforms behind the wall.

- The mounted machine gun inside the keep will now be automatically set on fire 5 seconds later (increased minimum time interval) to make it easier but mainly more fair for everyone and less based on luck.

- Zoey will now automatically get laser sight for her rifle when players fall back (when the survival timer hits approximately 7 mins). This should make it slightly easier and I'm hoping this will prevent Zoey from sometimes walking off because she would previously sometimes go and get laser from the laser sight box above the gate and then walk around in circles rather than staying at her position where she is more useful. This also means that the rifle inside the keep on the second floor will now have laser sight attached to it because that's where Zoey dies and drops her items.
chris the crikey crocadile 17 MAY a las 18:09 
Scatman gamekit.com 17 MAY a las 16:18 
this is one of the best map that i've played with my friends and for those who hasent played it yet i recommend them playing it asap, 10/10 stars on my part,
黎明暖暖有嘻哈 16 MAY a las 3:03 
[CN]|-Viper 16 MAY a las 1:03 
SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 15 MAY a las 18:58 
Here are the Steam Workshop stats of Helm's Deep Reborn for those who are interested:

Total Unique (?) 1,570,928
Current 958,332
Total Unique (?) 1,207,903
Current 18,746
Total Unique (?) 21,366
Total ratings 17,581
Positive ratings 17,281 (98% of total)
Negative ratings 300 (2% of total)
你信不信我一脚 15 MAY a las 1:19 
SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 10 MAY a las 10:00 
Another update has been released.
- Updated the list of donators displayed in the map and updated the Steam ID list for the chat commands !bill and !donator.

- Deleted 1 oxygen tank in the trap above the witch and slightly repositioned the other explosives so they land more in the middle of the doorway.

- Deleted reflections on the door on the left side of the wall because it looked unrealistic.
蒂文章鱼 10 MAY a las 9:19 
Capitaine John 10 MAY a las 2:29 
The best mod of L4D2 ! 100% recommanded :steamhappy:
SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 9 MAY a las 6:00 
A new update is now available!
- Players should no longer sometimes get spitter goo (the anti-glitch Valve made for survival mode) for a couple of seconds when all enemies have been defeated at the end.

- Fixed infected dying too early in the armory when the horses are about to go on a rampage.

- Replaced an overlay with an identical one that's already in the game in order to reduce the file size of the vpk.

- Names of donators appearing at the end are now displayed longer.

- Fixed a visual issue with cobwebs.

- Deleted an m60 on the wall near one of the ladders. It's simply not a good location for an m60, far too many players were unable to find their previous main weapon after picking up this particular m60.

- Updated the Steam ID list for the chat commands !bill and !donator.
lxysnd 6 MAY a las 4:16 
Lucy 6 MAY a las 3:47 
Nightmare 28 ABR a las 5:07 
its so fun awsome job
♥Harry+Hermione5eva♥ 24 ABR a las 10:22 
Thanks SeriouS_Samurai, this is my favourite map by far. Much fun!
SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 24 ABR a las 8:19 
A new update has been released!
- Deleted some unused files/folders in the vpk.

- Updated the Steam ID list for the chat commands !bill and !donator.

- More optimizations due to the game crashing to desktop with no error message appearing (see list below):

a) Deleted the silenced SMG near the witch.

b) 2 boxes have been deleted and reduced the number of military snipers from 2 to 1 in the weapon entity near the first lever which you use to respawn players (teleport dead players).

c) The smoke above the gate has been deleted.

d) Deleted one of the bushes near the gate below.

e) Optimized the way the rock path accessible to infected next to the long stairs is blocked.

f) Optimized some brushes/invisible walls.

If you are crashing to the desktop with no error message appearing you should try to disable or delete other addons you have installed.
SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 20 ABR a las 16:57 
A minor update has been released.
- Updated the Steam ID list for the chat commands !bill and !donator.
Synida Pry 20 ABR a las 12:11 
Actually he is doing a great job, i just cant use the map on the server, that's all the problem. And I'm wating for that for years :D
|2|Phew™ 19 ABR a las 14:06 
ops Samurai typo sry
|2|Phew™ 19 ABR a las 14:05 
ah then your not just an average user of the map like me, beg your pardon. and lol at the new update :D i did see samuria in the auth tool earlier and thought ..lol
SeriouS_Samurai  [autor] 19 ABR a las 13:16 
I've released another update!
- Fixed a cubemap error displayed in console.

- Final copyright sweep. Deleted the description seen when selecting the map when setting up a lobby, having a description there serves no purpose anyway. Changed some more entity names in the map. Deleted one of the loading screen files.

- Optimized the design of the wall for improved performance.

- Fixed some visual issues in the area by the wall.
Synida Pry 18 ABR a las 2:50 
The problem actually not the servre update, but the map update. Cuz as far as I know it's not possible to autoupdate the maps from the cloud as it's working from in the client software now. Cuz when you log into your client app, then the steam automatically checking the subscribed workshop item list, and if there is a difference in the checksum, it's updates the addons. It's possible that there is a tool for that, but when I'm tried to find something like this I didn't find anything.
Now what I see, as the easiest sollution for this, is to build up a database from the existing maps on the server, then set up a scheduler, and using the pooling logic, checking the site every day with a script, parse the updated at date field and send an email, if it's outdated. It might would be possible to update automatically, but I just dont wanna kill that much time on this task.
rodionov 17 ABR a las 3:09 
taking the hobbits to isengard)
|2|Phew™ 16 ABR a las 14:00 
@Synida Pry
In that case your clearly Not getting the update to work in the first place.
https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/#tools search