Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

-Helms Deep- Reborn
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Thanks SeriouS_Samurai, this is my favourite map by far. Much fun!
SeriouS_Samurai  [auteur] 24 apr om 8:19 
A new update has been released!
- Deleted some unused files/folders in the vpk.

- Updated the Steam ID list for the chat commands !bill and !donator.

- More optimizations due to the game crashing to desktop with no error message appearing (see list below):

a) Deleted the silenced SMG near the witch.

b) 2 boxes have been deleted and reduced the number of military snipers from 2 to 1 in the weapon entity near the first lever which you use to respawn players (teleport dead players).

c) The smoke above the gate has been deleted.

d) Deleted one of the bushes near the gate below.

e) Optimized the way the rock path accessible to infected next to the long stairs is blocked.

f) Optimized some brushes/invisible walls.

If you are crashing to the desktop with no error message appearing you should try to disable or delete other addons you have installed.
SeriouS_Samurai  [auteur] 20 apr om 16:57 
A minor update has been released.
- Updated the Steam ID list for the chat commands !bill and !donator.
Synida Pry 20 apr om 12:11 
Actually he is doing a great job, i just cant use the map on the server, that's all the problem. And I'm wating for that for years :D
|2|Phew™ 19 apr om 14:06 
ops Samurai typo sry
|2|Phew™ 19 apr om 14:05 
ah then your not just an average user of the map like me, beg your pardon. and lol at the new update :D i did see samuria in the auth tool earlier and thought ..lol
SeriouS_Samurai  [auteur] 19 apr om 13:16 
I've released another update!
- Fixed a cubemap error displayed in console.

- Final copyright sweep. Deleted the description seen when selecting the map when setting up a lobby, having a description there serves no purpose anyway. Changed some more entity names in the map. Deleted one of the loading screen files.

- Optimized the design of the wall for improved performance.

- Fixed some visual issues in the area by the wall.
Synida Pry 18 apr om 2:50 
The problem actually not the servre update, but the map update. Cuz as far as I know it's not possible to autoupdate the maps from the cloud as it's working from in the client software now. Cuz when you log into your client app, then the steam automatically checking the subscribed workshop item list, and if there is a difference in the checksum, it's updates the addons. It's possible that there is a tool for that, but when I'm tried to find something like this I didn't find anything.
Now what I see, as the easiest sollution for this, is to build up a database from the existing maps on the server, then set up a scheduler, and using the pooling logic, checking the site every day with a script, parse the updated at date field and send an email, if it's outdated. It might would be possible to update automatically, but I just dont wanna kill that much time on this task.
keeper 17 apr om 3:09 
taking the hobbits to isengard)
|2|Phew™ 16 apr om 14:00 
@Synida Pry
In that case your clearly Not getting the update to work in the first place.
https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/#tools search
SeriouS_Samurai  [auteur] 16 apr om 4:34 
More updates are here!
- Fixed a bug: If Bill died with a pistol or magnum in his inventory, upon defibbing him, the secondary weapon would be deleted and he would be given a machete instead. Special thanks to Rayman1103 for updating the bot script for Bill.

- All mounted machine guns outdoors can now be seen from a greater distance. This should make it easier to tell which ones are still usable as most of the mounted machine guns eventually break.

- Delayed unstucking of players holding mounted machine guns when they break. Testing if this might solve the issue with players becoming stuck when playing on modded servers.
Synida Pry 15 apr om 8:07 
I cant upload this to my VPS because when I download it and upload to the server it's already out of date.
Ignis of Ice 13 apr om 6:18 
Ay look an update!
马儿 10 apr om 20:38 
Pyrus 8 apr om 22:50 
铃兰 8 apr om 10:56 
DeathEric_Q_Q_FrogCat 6 apr om 0:46 
cool very good design thank you
Salika 4 apr om 5:44 
Man, I didn't know you were still working on this. I have been using v.16 for a while because I never bothered to check here.
SeriouS_Samurai  [auteur] 2 apr om 10:59 
Another update has been released!
- Chat messages by the map are now sent using a Vscript. This means that all chat messages by the map should now be sent from "Console:" rather than the host (player) when playing on a Local server. As a result chat messages sent by players should no longer get deleted when sent at the same time as a message is sent by the map, and vice versa. It also solves the issue with chat messages being cut off when playing on a Local server due to the host of the server having a long name.
It needs to be tested more to make sure everything works as intended.
提笔画流年 1 apr om 22:35 
SeriouS_Samurai  [auteur] 30 mrt om 8:37 
A new update has been released.
- Introducing a new perk for donators! Type !bill in the chat when playing to spawn Bill.
Bill is a normal bot which means that his health is displayed on the HUD, he follows other survivors and revives them, he uses medkits, pills and adrenaline and shares these as well. He leaves a corpse behind when he dies so he can be resurrected using a defib. Bill has been programmed to use secondary weapons (melee, pistols) and he starts with a machete.
At the end of reach round (when all players die or when you call a vote to restart the round) Bill will despawn, simply type !bill in the chat to spawn him again when a new round begins. You can type !bill in the chat any time during a game, you can for instance join a game already in progress and just type !bill in the chat and he will spawn at your location.
The script is made by Rayman1103 and it is a solid script as I have not been able to find any bugs. If you do manage to find a bug please share it.
SeriouS_Samurai  [auteur] 30 mrt om 8:36 
If you donated before this update was released and if you had access to the chat command !donator you will now also have access to the chat command !bill.

- Updated the list of donators displayed in the map and more donators now have access to the chat commands !bill and !donator.
SeriouS_Samurai  [auteur] 29 mrt om 10:04 
A new update is here!
- Updated the Steam ID list for the chat command !donator.

- A new chat command !bill is now displayed in the chat message that appears when you start the survival timer. The script which actives when you type !bill will hopefully be added soon, in other words typing !bill in the chat doesn't do anything yet.
丿脚滑的狐狸 28 mrt om 8:55 
ki 27 mrt om 15:54 
a lot of great memories playing this map with friends. i also love how you're still constantly updating it to this day. keep it up man!
Rinka9527 25 mrt om 9:34 
SeriouS_Samurai  [auteur] 25 mrt om 8:00 
A new update has been released.
- The witch now spawns slightly later, more in sync with the doors opening. This should make it harder for experienced players to shoot the witch through the doors as soon as she spawns causing the doors to get stuck.

- The secret melee weapon model is no longer textured inside (deleted unnecessary nocull setting).

- Replaced a texture with an identical one that's already in the game in order to reduce the file size of the vpk. In addition, all vmt files and all custom melee weapon scripts have been greatly optimized and 17 cubemaps have been deleted. Total file size has been reduced from 105.129 mb to 103.237 mb.
SeriouS_Samurai  [auteur] 25 mrt om 8:00 
- Changed placement of several cubemaps.

- Copyright sweep. Renamed a few textures and entities. Certain links have been deleted from the Steam Workshop page.

- Slightly moved the 2 gas cans just outside the keep since they were sometimes accidentally pushed through nearby walls.

- Bill's corpse has mysteriously disappeared! Did someone defib him, is he alive somewhere?
辰御丶 24 mrt om 23:02 
ListenOverRain 20 mrt om 23:15 
Very perfict map and items !
pcmedicFTW 15 mrt om 13:59 
Thanks for da map so good
P.S. sorry for bad english
TheHugeChungus 12 mrt om 16:44 
Such an amazing map. Thanks for the fun man.
Noubexxx 11 mrt om 12:30 
Thanks for that update :happymeat: !
SeriouS_Samurai  [auteur] 11 mrt om 11:56 
An update has just been released!
- All chat commands (!hidekills, !showkills, !teleportbot and !donator) now appear in a chat message when you start the survival timer.

- Changed the entity name, the description and the chat message of the lever which turns off custom music since there is no custom music included and players themselves can add their own music using separate addons.

- Zoey should now stand next to the ammo pile found after the burning hay bale after you need to fall back (rather than standing on top of the ammo pile preventing players from taking ammo).
SeriouS_Samurai  [auteur] 11 mrt om 11:56 
- The 2 grenade launchers in the armory will no longer appear at the start. They will appear when you retreat into the keep. This is to prevent players from using the grenade launcher glitch to jump very high and skip sections of the map (This glitch can also be done on official maps if there is a grenade launcher. Will Valve ever fix the grenade launcher glitch?). In addition, moved the AWP and Scout to where the grenade launchers were and the grenade launchers have been moved next to the laser sight in the armory.
SeriouS_Samurai  [auteur] 11 mrt om 11:55 
- Fixed the new HUD icon of the hatchet melee weapon not being in the center of the secondary weapon HUD box.

- Fixed the new HUD icon of Sting not being in the center of the secondary weapon HUD box.

- Fixed the new HUD icon of the sword and shield melee weapon not being in the center of the secondary weapon HUD box.

- Fixed some items clipping through other items and objects. In addition, fixed some items floating above the ground.

- Chat messages by the map now use 2 stars rather than 3.
Example: ** Defend the gate! **
Arguments why this has been changed: It becomes easier to read, becomes more optimized and less spammy in the chat and in the console for players and server operators. This also reduces the chance of the chat messages being cut off when playing on a local server when the host has a long name.
花山湾一霸 10 mrt om 7:28 
I am chinese i like this map
OooooohuangZ 10 mrt om 4:27 
Vulture Sight 9 mrt om 16:54 
ThERe iS nO mErChAnDiSE 9 mrt om 16:05 
Best map in l4d2,ty for the update
voice 8 mrt om 10:17 
it's werry-werry nice map!! :cupup:
Ricardo.M.Lu 8 mrt om 4:24 
Nice Works
SeriouS_Samurai  [auteur] 4 mrt om 11:29 
Another update has been released.
- Tweaked the tonemap settings.
SeriouS_Samurai  [auteur] 3 mrt om 3:57 
A new update has been released.
- Introducing 3 new HUD icons for melee weapons made by greenhood! (see list below):

a) Added a new HUD icon for the hatchet melee weapon which is up-to-date with the current graphics of the melee weapon and as a result looks much better.

b) Added a new HUD icon for Sting which is up-to-date with the current graphics of the magical melee weapon, it is also of higher quality.

c) Added a new HUD icon for the sword and shield melee weapon. It is refreshing and it is also more optimized so the file size has been reduced.
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coupdepot 26 feb om 19:10 
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chauchat 24 feb om 2:34 
so cool
iamcarlisle 24 feb om 0:01 
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