Portal 2
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bullfrog 2月24日 3時08分 
Excellent puzzle. I didn't use the portal surface next to the two buttons (I didn't even notice it until looking at videos afterwards! XD), what I did was cube at end of funnel on angled panel, remove funnel and catch cube whilst stood on two button platform, it didn’t spoil the puzzle though, it actually felt like intended. The rest I think was as intended.
renktro 2017年2月17日 8時00分 
amazing logic! it took me a while to solve this one
Asha Man 2016年1月29日 20時29分 
I like the difficulty level, very entertaining map. I was suprised after I finished it, watching two other videos on solutions, that mine was different. Seems to be quite a few ways to solve this.
Chelliste 2014年11月8日 6時59分 
The hardest part for me was finding the initial atep. I wandered around for awhile, thinking, "There's nothing I can DO!" Actually there was one thing and one thing only, not obvious, and that set the other dominoes falling.
dlafield 2013年7月25日 17時29分 
I really like this one. Had to think hard to solve it.
GraveNoX 2013年5月2日 11時27分 
Nice level, my solution is this http://youtu.be/YhlR-uOpGfk
baphomet 2013年4月21日 11時52分 
Very nice!
SevenSilhouette 2013年4月8日 23時09分 
Great chamber, had me thinking.
tman507se 2013年3月11日 19時24分 
Wow, excellent chamber. Took me a little while to solve.
Metzger Ben | GER 2013年2月10日 0時42分 
Oh I see that I solved the chamber very different as of Mevious solution. Seeing his thinking pauses .. nice.
Metzger Ben | GER 2013年2月10日 0時37分 
My solution: http://youtu.be/FhMndiLhlJE I did not used the angled plate.
AD_79  [作成者] 2013年1月25日 16時11分 
Thanks Mevious, I really appreciate the positive feedback!
Mevious 2013年1月24日 23時01分 
Really good one. One of your best. Here's my blind playthrough [www.twitch.tv] .
Diego 2013年1月10日 17時12分 
Great map
Malebogia 2013年1月7日 0時36分 
I've found it hard to do
Nice map
1980 2013年1月6日 0時36分 
his should be played much much more and get much much more scores as well. The last part was really awesome and creative.
Captain Slow 2013年1月5日 17時02分 
Good puzzle. It might benefit from a couple of windows between the button area and the funnel room (or maybe I just solved it wrong). Thanks for sharing!
firedude750 2013年1月5日 13時24分 
difficult but fun level
ZOMBIE 2013年1月4日 21時51分 
very nice, was beginning to think there wasn't a solve for it, ha ha
That was a very good chamber. Took some time to solve it. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for your work:)
bernardnoir 2013年1月2日 14時12分 
That.... was Awesome!
YUKI_67 2013年1月1日 6時44分 
Nice map ! Well done ! thank you for your test chamber ! ^_^
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