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Legends of Dawn
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Daynox 2015. dec. 13., 11:41 
So what ever happened with this one?...another money grab and run?
Ocean Grown 2015. júl. 15., 0:02 
That girl is hot :rbiggrin:
🐻 Machines Within 🐻 2015. ápr. 5., 1:46 
X-PRELIMINARY 2015. márc. 10., 11:07 
who's the girl speaking? can i get her to squirt?
panao_pil 2014. dec. 8., 8:43 
They took the money... put it deep in their pocket and disapeare .... Srinka the producer.. hehe yea I totally believe that... (propably a paid escord!)
ImmortalMMA 2014. szept. 7., 6:23 
and 2 genders: male and female..
lobardin 2014. szept. 6., 19:51 
Is this game dead?... or just unconscious?
AbcWarriors 2014. ápr. 11., 11:40 
She's worth a squirt ^^
Dostalition 2014. márc. 14., 8:29 
Сварог, Перун, Велес ... :) Да Я смотрю, что Вы по правой теме выступаете :) Слава Руси ! Желаю Вам успехов ! :)
spideranged 2014. febr. 22., 9:59 
5 stars for the gorgeous woman in the video! wow! ...wait, what was this about?
Kim 2014. jan. 28., 11:42 
These days microtransaction works very well, when you see for exemple Path of Exile made a huge step forward and now they are bigger and its always a good feeling for us (gamers) to see a indie dev getting bigger for giving us what we want, its a mutuel feeling.

Anyway, i wish you the best and i'll follow this closely
DreamatrixTeam  [készítő] 2014. jan. 27., 14:26 
We are fully capable to make MP, but we are indie developers, with limited funds. At the moments we are improving LOD1 and building LOD2.
Kim 2014. jan. 27., 11:09 
Honestly the game has evverything for Multiplayer, when i see shity games like Dragon Prophet with bad coding lines, lack of update and content, you are far far above in many ways !
DreamatrixTeam  [készítő] 2014. jan. 26., 12:56 
we will see...deep in engine we have MP basics...
Kim 2014. jan. 26., 9:29 
Interesting but a multiplayer maybe for the future ?
Nice engine btw
DreamatrixTeam  [készítő] 2014. jan. 15., 1:02 
Legends of Dawn Trading cards are now live on Steam!
Le_Doc 2014. jan. 12., 4:00 
seriously i watched every video and the game looks cool but she looks just HOT !!!
Le_Doc 2014. jan. 12., 3:49 
the most exciting thing out of the first vid is their project director : cutest geek girl ever ^^
DreamatrixTeam  [készítő] 2014. jan. 8., 6:15 
Legends of Dawn - Patch 1.10 is out!
After months of hard work we are happy to present to you the new patch 1.10 with our Dreamatrix Tools. Steam Trading Cards, badges and icons will be also available soon.
Shamaichi 2014. jan. 8., 5:58 
Marky_Mark 2014. jan. 7., 23:12 
looks good
Majestic 2013. dec. 20., 3:49 
Edudoty 2013. dec. 2., 6:22 
Waiting my new pc to come home lol
RJ Berger 2013. nov. 22., 4:14 
looks good
osuplayer# pizje chem zakat 2013. nov. 1., 21:42 
DreamatrixTeam  [készítő] 2013. okt. 30., 2:44 
This month we are working the most to prepare Dreamatrix engine tools, wich will give passionate players opportunity to add their content, ideas, do changes which may give everybody else new things to play with. Also DREAMATRIX MOD TOOLS - BETA is last stretch goal.
We have made various memory optimizations for LOD, fix some quest bugs, support for alienware hardware...
Support for lod will last a very long time, among other things because LoD 1 and 2 are related games, so every improvement that will be installed on LOD2 will also be built in LoD1.

We are still preparing all rewards, and hope that all will be ready in next few weeks. You will be informed about date.
DreamatrixTeam  [készítő] 2013. okt. 20., 2:07 
Cadillac Chuck, you can check update 23 on KS page with instructions for collecting your Tier. If you have any problem or additional questions please contact us at: support@dreamatrix.net
Elk Hunt 2013. okt. 19., 17:33 
Gave them 20 bucks for the kickstarter in march never got anything from them sent several emails...nothing.
Shadow 2013. okt. 17., 19:46 
looks like torchlight or diablo.
M'iko 2013. okt. 11., 3:54 
-Silver the Dragon- Grey Death 2013. okt. 10., 1:13 
worst support ever in my 59 years Thumbsdown
arc911 2013. okt. 4., 5:23 
game looks so so but the developer chick just makes it seem so much better
GraeyGandalf 2013. szept. 29., 16:10 
when this coes out the largest amount of jizz will be recorded by me.
that was weird
Massucker 2013. szept. 25., 13:38 
Wingy 2013. szept. 17., 0:13 
awesome game
TOM HARDY 2013. szept. 7., 7:06 
Meatchunks 2013. szept. 5., 22:11 
hot hot hot
j.c.vidya 2013. szept. 3., 16:32 
The presenter is a babe. I'm willing to try then buy this game just for the fact I'm seeing a beautiful intelligent woman that is not in cosplay selling this... But that is just me.
eiri 2013. szept. 2., 8:02 
It turned out horrible...
JaoKL 2013. aug. 31., 7:06 
MattyB 2013. aug. 30., 19:15 
RicerBoiii 2013. aug. 29., 17:06 
So basicly Skyrim with worse graphics
ONE_SHOT 2013. aug. 26., 8:03 
Andy Mokvendi 2013. aug. 26., 5:43 
DreamatrixTeam  [készítő] 2013. aug. 17., 5:01 
Patch 1.07 live now!
OkuyamaNate 2013. aug. 16., 16:29 
this game looks fucking awesome and looks like a game I would play till the end of my life
┼ MC StöGis ┼ 2013. aug. 12., 13:56 
Multiplayer please
Seaspite 2013. aug. 11., 21:22 
Really sorry I upvoted this steaming pile
captkilla 2013. aug. 9., 21:14 
I'm in love with Zirenka....