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Wimp: Who Stole My Pants?
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eifelkenny 10/jun/2015 às 8:48 
Hi, added you since you didn't response to my email with proof of purchase!
Ju  [autor(a)] 30/mai/2015 às 17:34 
Yes, definitely Steam version is improved, many bugs fixed and new features added, some levels were re-disigned as well. Cant say about Desura right now, most likely we'll update game there later.
kal3jdoskop 30/mai/2015 às 3:36 
@Ju - will there be some differene between current DRM-free/Desura version of Wimp and Steam version? To be honest, I'm not a big fan of Steam, but current version have some bugs and lacks (and that's a real shame that since 2013 we haven't any proper update). If Steam version will be updated (in comparison to DRM-free/Desura version) - will there be a possibility to update non-steam version too?
Gabula 16/mai/2015 às 23:21 
Buszuli 15/mai/2015 às 23:37 
Ju  [autor(a)] 14/mai/2015 às 13:34 
Wimp is coming soon!!! Release date 5.06.15
Gabula 27/abr/2015 às 13:14 
What an awful, AWFUL communication! Where's the game? Don't you need our money?
Buszuli 14/mar/2015 às 0:05 
2015 or 2016?
Ju  [autor(a)] 26/fev/2015 às 11:24 
Early March
Buszuli 16/jan/2015 às 9:26 
When? When? When?
FernanDK 4/dez/2014 às 16:18 
Awesome! Waiting anxiously!
Buszuli 10/nov/2014 às 3:51 
WOW! Thanks the answer. I can't wait the release!
Ju  [autor(a)] 10/nov/2014 às 1:22 
Game is gonna be at Steam realy soon, literally in next two months.
Buszuli 29/out/2014 às 0:14 
Dear Devs.
Please answer me.
When it will be available in the Steam store?
♥ lindarasta ♥ 11/out/2014 às 16:54 
nice game
♛leave this life baby♛ 7/set/2014 às 3:07 
valve nice game
mirancon 28/ago/2014 às 2:12 
Good luck!
root 19/jul/2014 às 9:22 
Hello, when the game will appear in the Steam store?
Ju  [autor(a)] 9/jun/2014 às 17:27 
@jesala ....Cant say exactly but i think it will be possible, perhabs we will share some keys for ShinyLoot.
jesala 8/jun/2014 às 12:23 
Oh my God. How have I not seen this game before? Awesome. I discovered it because it's on sale at ShinyLoot. Will I get a Steam key (once you're released here) if I purchase it there?
KO 4/mai/2014 às 3:46 
VovanVV1982 3/mai/2014 às 10:03 
danalyze 18/abr/2014 às 21:56 
Congratulations and bought it through LazyGuysStudio's Night Sky Bundle.Best wishes!
Captain Picard 5/abr/2014 às 16:19 
Congrats cant wait to play this again on my Steam account *prays for achievements*
Ju  [autor(a)] 3/abr/2014 às 16:40 
Tnx all for support !! :)
gamer(themovie) 3/abr/2014 às 13:27 
Congrats on getting greenlit!
Kodo 3/abr/2014 às 13:24 
Грац нас)
DJ Stickymuffins 29/mar/2014 às 12:23 
Looks like a good game, but seems like something found on an online gaming site, not something that one pays a significant amount for. But again, great idea and I like the concept.
sentarshi 19/mar/2014 às 10:36 
Looks nice, i dont like arcade platformers but looks rly cool)
stan 9/mar/2014 às 20:29 
Looks really nice and original, but without trying it I have no idea if I’d like this game. Maybe I’ll grab it in a bundle some day.
Oh well, I’ll just upvote because it’s on Linux.
kelipor 7/mar/2014 às 5:19 
I would play this on my PC.
Insta 6/mar/2014 às 15:07 
I would play this on my phone, but not on PC.
buwofec 6/mar/2014 às 1:41 
Cute game, cool music. I want it!
Matheusmgas 27/fev/2014 às 19:47 
Ele é de um estilo que gosto de jogar e me divirto com isso. Agora se for muito caro, eu deixaria passar um bom tempo para ver se pego uma promoção.
MrNinjaSquirrel 22/fev/2014 às 14:47 
Looks cute and fun, I'd definitely play it.
Rhapsodos 22/fev/2014 às 4:25 
nice flow and animations
♛leave this life baby♛ 21/fev/2014 às 0:09 
add game pc pls
♛leave this life baby♛ 21/fev/2014 às 0:09 
good game) 10\10
❤~ℓo√ﻉ~❤ 30/jan/2014 às 5:28 
good game)
CoCoBonGo 19/jan/2014 às 11:04 
Brazil Rules 17/jan/2014 às 8:07 
Man, why can't we have more puzzle plataformers that are as fun as this looks like?
kefo 12/jan/2014 às 19:02 
looks like fun game :D cheers
DryCELL 9/jan/2014 às 14:16 
great art style
fisilfox 9/jan/2014 às 7:19 
сюжет есть(пользователь greenlith)
Kokuyouseki 5/jan/2014 às 12:11 
Looks well made - and it's me saying it who is not really into this genre so I guess it is somewhat impressive :)
tobio ♥ 4/jan/2014 às 11:56 
Cenntaurienius 4/jan/2014 às 2:12 
Könnte lustig werden
Serious Kleer 3/jan/2014 às 2:44 
PaKeT[oFF] freekodak freetrappa 2/jan/2014 às 14:32 
Komnccap 2/jan/2014 às 7:04