The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Arch-Mage's Quarters Map Marker
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Jov  [автор] 16 юли 2013 в 16:24 
You're welcome and thank you for reporting back! :)
Azu 16 юли 2013 в 9:42 
I'm not sure what changed, but this time it downloaded without a hitch and I opened the game cleanly. Now that I've discovered the entrance, it makes a wonderful point for me to pop back home.

Really wonderful idea for all of us arch-mages. :P Thanks!!
Azu 15 юли 2013 в 21:12 
I currently have three mods installed: the bandolier mod, the unread book glowing mod, and the magic mod that lengthens the duration of certain spells (such as alteration armor spells).

I'll try a few things to make sure it's not on my end. I did try installing a library mod earlier (that placed a portal in the Arcaneum) today that might not have uninstalled properly when I found that it didn't work.

Will comment once I try uninstalling everything and reinstalling things.
Jov  [автор] 15 юли 2013 в 20:41 
Hmm, I'm using it myself and have never had that happen. Are you 100% certain that it was this mod, and would you be willing to double check for me? This mod is pretty much as simple as they get, so I don't see how an issue could have arised. Is it possible there is a conflicting mod?
Azu 15 юли 2013 в 20:17 
The idea of this mod is perfect. I wish it worked.
I tried downloading and using it, and when Skyrim was doing it's mod update check it pinged "Failed to load!" and I couldn't even start the game.
Sadly, it doesn't seem to work.
mayingan 3 март 2012 в 20:10 
Great mod!
Mich Angel 20 февруари 2012 в 15:11 
Nice mod thanx :D
Cabbage's S.l.o. Life 14 февруари 2012 в 18:08 
Hm, Nice. I was just going thru the house mods on here thinking, "nothing can beat the castle siting off a cliff."

So this mod rocks.

Do work.