Portal 2
Pure Intellect Part 1: A Lesson in Classical Physics
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Petutski 2017. okt. 3., 19:00 
Played again after three years. Finished it this time! Great map. Thanks!
jchampneys 2017. szept. 15., 10:31 
this next test- *explode* is- *explode* dangerous i'll be right back LOL
PhilFromFrance 2017. febr. 23., 12:24 
Very nice map
cochetmichel49 2016. szept. 5., 6:19 
Nice rooms, story and test ! Visuals perhaps may be perfected.. Thanks
quatrus 2016. máj. 6., 10:07 
Wow old series, just found....moving on to next....
Militant Ginger 2015. dec. 18., 13:27 
Love the fall:D
DeathbyBreath 2015. aug. 28., 19:20 
Turned out I didn't need the orange gel towards the finale. Found another way to make the jump.
bonkrood 2015. júl. 22., 12:49 
Great map, I don't know how I missed this series years ago, but I'm glad I found them now. :)
Nobody No-One 2015. febr. 20., 9:05 
@Vince and Repeat
I really liked this map series, especially part 2. Fracture's map was good too, but I understand that this was the original.
Petutski 2014. aug. 20., 18:42 
Had me stumped at the end! So close! But a great map!
TriggerTrax  [készítő] 2014. ápr. 12., 22:30 
Oh hai Mark. Remember when I made this map and nobody gave a shit, but then Fracture makes a map with the same concept and everybody loves it? Well, I'll have you know that THIS. CAME. FIRST.
Eric 2013. nov. 2., 14:38 
TriggerTrax  [készítő] 2013. júl. 5., 8:38 
It's not a time tunnel. All will be revealed in time.
Dafflewoctor 2013. júl. 5., 6:56 
I liked these maps, the only problem I have with them is that you presumably meant to make a "time" tunnel, but really it's only a transporter. If it were a "time tunnel" then it would take you back to old Aperture, but before it was abandoned and it would have people working there and such.
Sorry, I just notice things like that a lot. :3
Grasshog 2013. júl. 4., 13:49 
chrismowe 2013. jún. 12., 10:59 
the design was 10, puzzles could be a little more complicated.cool experience though
BetoBob 2013. ápr. 27., 18:33 
Allright map. The design is nice, but the puzzle didnt neccisarely feel clever, just more of the same puzzle mechanics. It's nice, but a little too easy and predictable.
pyrate23 2013. ápr. 6., 21:20 
I really liked it, nice maps!
wildgoosespeeder 2013. ápr. 4., 12:37 
This a good Hammer map you made.
drew 2013. márc. 27., 8:19 
Love these older maps but had two issues. The cube in the protected area got stuck deploying and I couldn't get it out. Second, I misaligned the jump and landed in the water two feet from the railing. Thanks for the cool map!
mistmurk 2013. márc. 24., 12:33 
Great job with this test! Big improvement over sp_80's!
2013. márc. 24., 0:09 
You can bypass a good portion of the test.
After going through the "time tunnel" and you're on the railing, you can jump down on top of the roof, go to the corner, and shoot over past the first level. You can then jump down and bypass the first gel test. Then, from there, you can shoot down to get the white gel, shoot to the angled area, and bypass to the last area.
Star 2013. márc. 12., 18:37 
Oh. sp_80s wasn't too bad! Better than what I can make with Hammer...I'm not even sure how to use Hammer!
TriggerTrax  [készítő] 2013. márc. 12., 18:23 
sp_80s was terrible. So I'm doing a new series with a proper story and better visuals. I'm splitting up Part 2 to make it better and improve vis.
Star 2013. márc. 12., 18:07 
Why did you take this out of the [sp_80's] collection?
Kage_J 2013. febr. 12., 12:02 
Very cool overall! The only problem I encountered was that the button you have to pick up and put back in the wall got stuck behind the button casing thing, and I couldn't get it back, so I had to go kill myself and start over and just be more careful. ._.
Nera 2013. febr. 12., 7:36 
hum? I didn't need it to finish the test, that's what I mean. I'm just saying because maybe It wasn't supposed to be able to finish it without using orange goo.
TriggerTrax  [készítő] 2013. febr. 12., 7:33 
Fling yourself. Fling with the gel.
Nera 2013. febr. 12., 7:20 
It looks like a very interestng map but I dod't feel like there was a real puzzle by the end. What was the orange goo for?
Sejievan 2013. febr. 10., 20:32 
Awsome maps, i'm just a little disapointed with the lack of finishing in some places (misaligned textures and little gaps btween some brushes and models)... and the fact that in this maps probably was not used the hammer full compile... but overall it's pretty fun and managed to get really interesting in the end =)
TriggerTrax  [készítő] 2013. febr. 5., 15:54 
@Spooky: Glad to hear that you enjoyed it. If you haven't already, be sure to check out Part 2: A Lecture in Reanimation. I'll be taking a little break from mapping, but Part 3 won't be far away!
Spooky 2013. febr. 5., 15:44 
Spirit of Adventure! I never knew what to expect around every next corner. After a very attention grabbing intro, you do a little cheeky (and very traditional) puzzle like that one. Great! Then you just keep bringing on very well balanced puzzling with great little treats along the way.

Class, pure class.
Nobody No-One 2013. jan. 30., 13:43 
Wow! What a change. A good change though. I didn't like the other maps.
TriggerTrax  [készítő] 2013. jan. 29., 22:49 
Alright, I'm going to be making a few rearrangments with this series. Soon, this map will be Part 1, everything else will be [REDACTED] and "Part 6" will become "Part 2." I've got some brand new story elements to show y'all, so stay tuned!
TriggerTrax  [készítő] 2013. jan. 25., 20:41 
The map has been updated to hopefully fix a bypass route I have seen people use.
Nobody No-One 2013. jan. 24., 14:22 
@Reiman. No it couldn't. It wasn't good enough. I'll give the rest of my feedback later.
2013. jan. 5., 10:07 
Very nice, could have been part of the original game! :)
kindcrocodile 2012. dec. 28., 9:19 
Good job. 5.
Conundrum 2012. dec. 26., 18:40 
Custom elements eh? Nice!
Diamond Knight 2012. dec. 25., 6:32 
This series was FANTASTIC!!! Make more, please.
TriggerTrax  [készítő] 2012. dec. 23., 21:09 
Idk . . . I'll fix it later. For now, use F6 and F7.
srs bsnss 2012. dec. 23., 20:59 
Do they have to be used with logic_autos? They've worked fine with me without needing anything other than something (trigger_once, puzzle element output, etc) to trigger it.
TriggerTrax  [készítő] 2012. dec. 23., 11:44 
I KNOW how to make autosaves, it's just implementing them along with logic_autos that's difficult.
2012. dec. 23., 2:12 
how did u make it?
srs bsnss 2012. dec. 23., 2:00 
Autosaves are done by:
1. create a logic_autosave entity
2. name it
3. assign a trigger to it
4. ???
TriggerTrax  [készítő] 2012. dec. 22., 17:50 
@ZombieLogan: With Science. And a keyboard.
Kurt Cobain 2012. dec. 22., 17:25 
Mitch McWiggins 2012. dec. 22., 17:00 
Awesome. I would never have figured out the door activation at the very, very end had I not looked at these comments. I was stumped. Thanks, great map.
Tap2 2012. dec. 22., 13:25 
Quite liked it! :D
TriggerTrax  [készítő] 2012. dec. 22., 11:01 
Cave Johnson here! Now, we've been getting some incidents involving people jumping off catwalks. Now, those stick-gathering hobos that we've been getting don't matter to us. What matters is the lab boys staying alive. So, we're adding "Aperture Brand Suicide Prevention Rails" to every area. Oh, and about that gel leaking from the pipes: it's lethal. We don't know how, but jumping in it gives you radioactive tumours [which we can scoop out but it's expensive]. Cave Johnson, we're done here.