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Redd'n'Tank Vehicles
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Reddiem  [author] 6 hours ago 
What do you mean with ave compat. Everyrhing that should work with ace works fine.
☆ ILuxx ツ © ☆ 11 hours ago 
Hey Redd, is there any chance of an ace compat? Would love it.
Ouskejon Jul 7 @ 4:51pm 
Please make a Véhicule de l'Avant Blindé. You will be hero to french players
[TWATS] TyrTheBull Jun 24 @ 9:36am 
As far as i know they recommend using the Leo from BW mod or SFP
Valquiria Jun 24 @ 9:34am 
An incredible job, seriously. I would like to know if you have any plan to introduce some variant of the leopards.
☭Commissar Nico33 ☭ Jun 21 @ 11:14am 
Okay :DD
Reddiem  [author] Jun 21 @ 10:26am 
So soll es sein
☭Commissar Nico33 ☭ Jun 21 @ 3:44am 
Könnt ihr vl. die HP vom Fuchs anpassen :) ? Der geht sofort nach einer RPG26 von RHS hoch
[NDF] MoaB Jun 19 @ 5:59am 
Vielen Dank :-)
Reddiem  [author] Jun 19 @ 5:57am 
Hey, MoaB think we had this proplem already, will fix that soon. Shame on me ;)
[NDF] MoaB Jun 17 @ 11:41pm 
Awesome Update! Would you consider keeping the filenames all lower case? Upper case letters in the .pbo filenames will crash a linux server which is case sensitive.
Narsiph Jun 14 @ 1:18pm 
Wie sieht's mit ACE3 aus? (Will the mod be ace3 compatible?)
Col.Delta Engels Jun 14 @ 12:13pm 
Oh my god... You guys added the damn Gepard... Omg its Beautiful....
ICE_AGE2 Jun 13 @ 4:30pm 
hi you guys have any plans for PHZ 2000 ? love the mod so far
Stubbz Jun 13 @ 11:21am 
No i have not i will have to check it out thanks for the heads up
Reddiem  [author] Jun 13 @ 11:13am 
Hey Stubbz have you ever tried the BW-Mod for Arma 3. they have a fantastic Leo 2
Stubbz Jun 13 @ 10:39am 
Amazing mod i have to ask though do you guys plan on adding a leopard 2 in the future? i cant really find any mods that have good leopard 2s
[TWATS] TyrTheBull Jun 12 @ 12:33am 
Reddiem  [author] Jun 11 @ 10:11pm 
We will see.
[TWATS] TyrTheBull Jun 11 @ 1:45pm 
Whats the next goal with this magnificent vehicle out now?
von Graf Jun 11 @ 1:39pm 
Gute Arbeit, Männer! Die BW wird immer besser in A3.
Tank  [author] Jun 11 @ 2:25am 
Die Leo1 Wanne vom Gepard auch anderweitig zu verwenden ist nat. bei uns intern im Gespräch. Es gibt aber momentan noch keinen konkreten Plan.
franky68_de Jun 11 @ 2:19am 
Also das Fahrgestell des Gepard ist sehr gut gelungen. Kann man auch auf andere Fahrzeuge wie z.B. Leopard 1 und Bergepanzer mit demselben Fahrgestell gespannt sein?
Elfen Lied Jun 10 @ 10:14pm 
Gepard 1A2 is very good!
Sgt.Brain Jun 8 @ 7:27am 
könt ihr bitte den mercedes-g250-gd-250-wolf in euer modpack reintuhen bzw wen ihr es könnt in machen
Sgt.Brain Jun 8 @ 7:22am 
Echt cooler Mod ich liebe den Fuchs danke das ihr diese Fahrzeuge ins Spiel gebracht habt
Tank  [author] May 29 @ 10:36pm 
Lob nehmen wir immer gern... vielen Dank :steamhappy:
Voges May 28 @ 5:02am 
Danke, da sind echt tolle Modelle dabei :steamhappy:
Ich habe den z.B. den Wiesel und den Fuchs echt vermisst...
fat-cat May 21 @ 3:27am 
[TWATS] TyrTheBull May 15 @ 5:08am 
Reddiem [ophavsmand] 14. mar kl. 23:17
Indeed they are in the faction called "Redd'n'Tank Vehicles" under BluFor
[TWATS] TyrTheBull May 15 @ 5:07am 
There is a Faction in the game called Redd'N'Tanks or something, its been discussed before that someone wasnt able to find it, but its deffinately there
Col.Delta Engels May 15 @ 4:37am 
Hey Uh, There seems to be no Faction For The Redd 'n Tank Vehicles in Zeus. The vehicles dont appear in NATO, Opfor, IDP Nor the 'Empty' Tab. And They are In-game Since I can Spawn them In Editor and the Virtual Arsenal.
Reddiem  [author] May 13 @ 5:18am 
3000,- Netto im Monat :P
Der Wahre Rambo May 13 @ 4:03am 
Boxer,Luchs,Bison and Keiler please :3
UEemperor Apr 30 @ 7:01am 
Thank you for the swift reply, will make sure to rate when i test it, looking very good so far :)
Reddiem  [author] Apr 29 @ 3:23pm 
All vehicles have detailed interiors
UEemperor Apr 29 @ 10:31am 
Do or will the tanks have full detailed interiors as per the newest DLC, or is this not (will not be) the case?
[TWATS] TyrTheBull Apr 25 @ 7:22am 
Nice, looking forward to it! Good job!
Tank  [author] Apr 25 @ 7:20am 
We´ll see... no Promises for now. But for the Classics.... next Release is the ( I love this Word ) Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer Gepard 1A 2. After this, there will be a couple of " soft " Vehicles. And we are working on another Beauty, the SpPz Luchs A2. So..... a lot to do :)
[TWATS] TyrTheBull Apr 25 @ 2:03am 
If they wont, theres a 2A4 (i think) in the Swedish mod, SWP or something, but it would be cool to have an old classic
Griggs Apr 25 @ 12:16am 
guys is it possible you will make MBT Leopard 2, not some fancy 2A5+ Leos, but cold war era 2A1 or 2A4? I didn't see any of this in mods of Arma 3, even in WIP ones, that will be really cool if you will add them.
tourist Apr 21 @ 2:58pm 
And BTW, I had to add the Redd vehicles manually to my ORBAT faction after exporting the code from ORBAT using BWMOD Pumas as placeholders in ORBAT created files. Not possible for MCC to build a new faction I guess.
tourist Apr 21 @ 2:55pm 
@Col.Delta Engels:

I have built a new "More Complete" BW in Afghanistan Faction out of BW MOD, various Retexture mods and Redd Vehicles. In the ALiVE Mod's ORBAT tool the Redd vehicles don't appear, but they DO in the normal BIS editor. So your best bet is to ask for support at MCC.
+5000RespektWamen Apr 10 @ 7:44pm 
Thanks man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MonkeyUnleashed Mar 18 @ 7:50am 
Sehr gute Mod. Fände es aber beser wenn die Texturen des Tarnmusters dunkler wären (passend zum Bw Mod) und die Textur des MG3s auf dem Fuchs auch die gleiche wäre.. Aber ansonsten Top :)
Col.Delta Engels Mar 16 @ 12:32am 
Reddiem  [author] Mar 15 @ 4:07pm 
Check by yourselfe without MCC, if there is our faction. report to MCC
Col.Delta Engels Mar 15 @ 2:54am 
Weird Then that I cant Find it... Would you be up for checking out 'MCC' And taking a look? Would be cool if you could. Tho its fine if you dont want to.
Reddiem  [author] Mar 14 @ 3:17pm 
Indeed they are in the faction called "Redd'n'Tank Vehicles" under BluFor
[TWATS] TyrTheBull Mar 14 @ 7:30am 
Yea but I think they do have a faction called red n tanks vehicles or something