Portal 2
Don't Jump Into The Laser, You Crazy Person.
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Belthazar 2013年1月4日下午3:20 
Yeah, I worked it out. Seems kind of obvious now... =P
Cookie the Ice-Cream Kookaburra  [作者] 2013年1月4日上午7:44 
added solution video
Cookie the Ice-Cream Kookaburra  [作者] 2013年1月4日上午7:17 
Belthazar, u missed the point. u supposed to do smth with the cube first
Belthazar 2013年1月4日上午2:53 
The concept is good, but the execution is a little frustrating. I'm assuming I'm meant to drop the cube on the faith plate, but it very rarely slides more than about two or three steps down towards the button. Maybe use a ball instead?