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Bookshelves in the Archmage's Quarters
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SlipNUT 2016年8月20日 7時31分 
Disco Infernal 2015年12月27日 9時47分 
Great mod! I have one issue though...I can't actually use the shelves. I go up to them, press 'E' to "Activate Bookshelves" and nothing. I can't actually use them. Any suggestions, because I do really love this very simple mod (and I very much need a place to store all my books)
Yellowtrousers 2015年4月6日 3時42分 
What was Bethesda thinking?? "archmagers quoters... bookshelve? NOPE."

Finally, somebody who sees some sense!! Thankyou!!
Cmoileroi 2014年12月17日 11時24分 
is saw a mod which shows a hidden library in Witherun, in the castle of the jarl (can't remind me its name...). The library is huge and contains the whole spells books, and magic books.
Is it this mode ?
(sorry for my bad ehglish)
mars elliot ? 2014年8月23日 17時17分 
nvm, im a goober. ^_^
mars elliot ? 2014年8月23日 16時54分 
This mod is the bomb diggity (as was the desc.) but I can't activate the bookshelves! I tried in and out of SKSE, but they simply won't work.

Is this a bug, or some fault of my savegame?
a.rigbyjones 2014年5月3日 1時07分 
I was nearly crying with laughter when I read the description. It really bothered me that the Archmage of the bloody College wouldn't have bookshelves in their room (or that even being an Archmage-Champion-of-Herma-Mora-wizard-alchemist-enchanter-archaeologist-recoverer-of-lost-artefacts-etc, nobody comes and asks me, "Do you need a place to stash all those tomes you're lugging round, Archmage?"). Thank you for this mod!
kurtrhinehart 2014年3月22日 5時06分 
A very useful mod that ties well with the theme of the room. Excellent.

Kurt Rhinehart.
martymartman59 2013年12月28日 21時53分 
Nearly pi♥♥ed my pants when I read this. Arby's. Love it. Thanks!
Thora Troas 2013年12月18日 21時40分 
Good, that is also something that bothered me. Good rant btw. Also rant-worthy is the fact that the Archmages room has no doors! I swear, no door...the first time I got the room to myself a year ago or so, I was soo pissed at that. Basically anyone can intrude on the "headmaster" of the Mages College... ><;
Skyrimnut 2013年11月26日 3時00分 
Maybe he's a closet necromancer? I don't know, the skulls over the bed are pretty stupid, I agree. I did find a mod that replaces it with a Winterhold banner. Subscribing, partly because of the awesome rant, and partly because I really didn't want an archmage quarters with a FULL forge either. I just needed bookshelves.
n8vWar10rd 2013年8月31日 16時19分 
it wld be nice if the bookshelf had all magic skill books....just saying
Lledrasa 2013年6月23日 16時53分 
Nice mod, thanks. Just what I wanted.

And if you did the one that gets rid of the animal heads above the bed, I'd subscribe to it in a heartbeat. My archmage has never killed a horker in his f-ing life. Perhaps a lovely shelf with a discussion-worthy troll skull instead? Or a tapestry?
Kailyn 2013年3月10日 21時18分 
Gonna give this mod a try - LOVE the rant. If I may add to that - how come you can take crap OFF of shelves in Skyrim but you can't put anything else on them! I mean, really, I take a lute off a display case in Hjerim and that case is gonna sit empty until it dissolves into obscurity. Even the wonderful Unlimited Bookshelves mod can't fix that!
Kotommi 2013年3月10日 5時02分 
+1 on +1 and also on the mod and rant.
Chrstphr-J 2013年1月15日 11時36分 
Good, simple but smart mod. +1 Love your rant at the end! LOL! And the nail salon and Arby's comment. X^D
Ordellus 2013年1月6日 20時10分 
Rant was pretty funny. Actually laughed out loud for a few minutes.
ianliew 2012年12月14日 23時09分 
All the rooms which we get from completing the faction questlines (Companions, DB, TG, CoW, Dawnguard) are not very practical and useable - thanks for making at least this one a player home which we'd actually consider using!
DMicael 2012年12月14日 9時04分 
the edit made me laugh way too hard xD
HipsterRikku 2012年12月14日 9時02分 
Best description ever. Also, thank you, I've been lugging around a ton of books, now I can finally put them where they belong.
Vrael 2012年12月14日 6時26分 
Does it work with Improved Winterhold (when you add a new floor inte the college)?
Jediravenclaw 2012年12月13日 13時48分 
Dude, I hear ya! My husband and I are dieing of laughter over here. Definitely subscribed XD
theicedevil 2012年12月13日 13時37分 
Best rant ever! ROFLOL!!!
Doomfarer-CDN 2012年12月13日 10時26分 
Oh god man - Kindred soul on that edit alone! Sub and thumbed!
wolferz 2012年12月13日 6時58分 
Subbed and faved just for the cynical wit,
I heartuly concur!
Mirdon W. Dumbledalph The Thrid 2012年12月12日 21時54分 
wow 2 book shelfs and a table
aldeng 2012年12月12日 21時49分 
I'm subscribing for the rant alone as well-I almost started crying from laughing out loud by myself ROFL!
kraedy 2012年12月12日 18時15分 
As a non-mage I have no intention of ever completing the college questchain, but this mod adds some basic functionality that should have been there from the start so I'll definitely rate it up. I can totally get behind this sort of thing; it's this attention to detail that makes the game more enjoyable. Nice addition.
Spandau 2012年12月12日 15時20分 
You're a wonderful human being.
Dhomnick 2012年12月12日 0時21分 
Where's the one with the Arby?!?! Gosh, can't find it :P
Sub-Zero-Scorch 2012年12月11日 6時18分 
That rant was funny... lol
l33t b4c0n 2012年12月10日 15時42分 
Agreed, the rant alone makes this mod a must-have.
totallyoriginaluniquename 2012年12月10日 10時35分 
Subbing just cause of the rant, amen mage-brother, amen. I find the same problem with the theive's guild and companions in a sense: Thieve's guilds vault is never usable even after you become the kingpin basically, id love to be able to "deposit money" into the vault and have it spawn piles of gold/gold bags, and the companions don't have enough weapon stands and no armor-maniquiins. -sadface.
thatjokeisntfunnyanymore 2012年12月10日 10時18分 
Awesome rant! This mod is perfect, I needed this so bad, and I know the other mod you were referring to, some people could certainly stand to learn a word called "subtly".

Rated and faved.
sangimpur 2012年12月10日 4時01分 
A most excellent RANT.... "Am I the archmage or ted fucking nugent?" LMAO
Bluedragon463 2012年12月9日 23時12分 
Good addon this is. Also that edit is hilarious.
jjb-54 2012年12月9日 17時25分 
Thanks! I was more than just surprised that there were no bookcases for the Archmage's quarters. Of all the places not to have some. :)
Stash 2012年12月9日 10時43分 
Just what I was looking for. :) Rated and favorited.