Portal 2
Tower of Shadow (V1.3)
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Authias 15 dic 2012, ore 13:39 
Well.. At least we managed to turn the turret away so it wouldn't bother us.
Zebraschinge 12 dic 2012, ore 7:51 
gmbigg lets play it and ill show u. would be nice if you put sth to go back there.
Dekab 11 dic 2012, ore 23:17 
Took a decent effort for the DDeer and myself to figure this out, fun stuff once we got it. I liked the jump to the end door :D

PS: All those losers asking for a solution can go suck a dick. Play more sudoku and you might have a better logic lobe in your brain.
Schizo 11 dic 2012, ore 23:17 
A friend of mine and I just did this. Took us about 45 minutes. We loved it. It was tough, but doable with a couple experienced players.

If people would notice and pay attention to the hints you left via the different symbols, I am sure they would have had an easier time with this. :)
thisguy321  [autore] 11 dic 2012, ore 14:14 
...Behind the turret? Can you tell me how you managed THAT?
Zebraschinge 11 dic 2012, ore 12:12 
Can somebody tell me the solution? We tried for 2 hours in the last room, at the end we were behind the turret but theres no way back^^
thisguy321  [autore] 8 dic 2012, ore 20:16 
Thanks for pointing that out, Jotschi; however, I decided to leave that exploit in, as it encourages "outside-the-box" thinking. I think that stuff like that makes the tests much more interesting to ...test. For example, although I won't go into details, if you look carefully, you just might find a way to skip the entire second puzzle! ;)
I did, however, find a few other errors (most notably, one that allowed players to trap a cube in an inaccessible location), and I've just patched those in V1.3.
Finally, as for the bone... er, bolt-crushing difficulty, that was intentional. >:)
Jotschi 8 dic 2012, ore 16:43 
Found the solution. Crazy.. really crazy! :D
Chanz 8 dic 2012, ore 16:43 
wow, hardest map I've played in p2 ... BUT WE SOLVED IT! JOTSCHI FTW!
Jotschi 8 dic 2012, ore 16:34 
The laser room is not easy. Maybe we broke the map triggers or something but we tried to create an angle with the laser so that it would hit the generator. We succeeded once but the movable platform blocked the laser path.