Portal 2
The Gelatorium
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Petutski 31 март 2017 в 0:15 
Nice map but some of the timing puzzles were arbitrarily short, making the map not harder, but just annoying. The conversion gel chamber is not challenging, just messy and tedious. I prefer maps that rely more on pure logic.
Honest_Cake 29 дек. 2013 в 20:32 
I loved the map, but in the repulsion gel part I think I skipped the section with the wall panels moving...
GraveNoX 11 ян. 2013 в 6:14 
Awesome, easy, must-play map.
gladgirl83 28 дек. 2012 в 7:17 
Had a hard time in the first part--I kept overshooting the floor panel beneath the button on the ceiling.