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ARK: Survival Evolved

Pokemon Allstars .0155
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pmonpere15 5 hours ago 
is this mod going to going to disable none pokemon dinos from spawning in the future
[LAG] Jetfire1989 12 hours ago 
hey have you al list for spawn codes
Aleksey  [author] Nov 20 @ 7:48am 
Dante, it's likely caused because you're cheating with the InfiniteStats cheat. That cheat gives you infinite ammo and therefore infinite Pokeballs but can cause glitches too, so I recommend not using it with this mod. You can adjust Pokeball costs in Game.ini.
ZERO3TEARS Nov 20 @ 12:57am 
im loving this mod. i cant wait for future updates i would honestly love to see a "infernape" and "rotom" in the game but keep up the awsomenes lol
Themusicguy Nov 18 @ 5:26pm 
how much xp to evovle and eevee i already put about 80 points on it
@Wolfie: Seeing how Pokémon Evolved is still around since the beginning of the year...I'd say it could look worse.
Wolfie Nov 18 @ 9:47am 
Dont want to be that asshole but it's just a matter of time before this get flagged and removed for copyright
Dante Nov 18 @ 4:50am 
I have a problem with the pokeballs. if I throw an empty pokeball and miss, then I have two and so on. if I caught a pokemon, I can get it out but the pokeball is not empty then i can throw it again and porte my pokemon with it. however, my inventory will be overflown with copies. Besides, where do I write the codes purely for the cost of pokeballs? game.ini or gameuser?
eTch Nov 17 @ 5:15am 
any way to disable the extra ui? or to shrink it to like 1/2 o 1/3?
PcJeremy Nov 16 @ 10:35pm 
Do any of the pokemon gather? i know there were a couple that did in the original but havent found anything so far in all stars
TheWildcard Nov 16 @ 6:32pm 
@ZERO3TEARS Mainly because All-Stars is a newer mod and Evolved has been out for several more months
Vigilante05 Nov 16 @ 4:07pm 
do these replace stuff?
ZERO3TEARS Nov 16 @ 12:17pm 
*why does pokemon Evolved have 3,500 ratings and this only has 320??*
ZERO3TEARS Nov 16 @ 12:15pm 
lol oops i mixed up the names
TheWildcard Nov 15 @ 2:07pm 
You're talking about Pokemon Evolved
TheWildcard Nov 15 @ 2:06pm 
@ZERO3TEARS Um... This IS Pokemon Allstars :P
KingBacon Nov 15 @ 5:00am 
Awesome mod! Love it so far, can't wait for future updates! :D
Just wondering, is Charizard ment to be nerfed in speed? Does that affect all flyers? Haven't gotten around to exploring to much with the mons yet, but Ragnarok seems big without speed levels. Anyway, keep up the good work, great mod!
Vocal Tune Nov 13 @ 1:49pm 
@Poopsie94 Don't do it. Pokemon Evolved currently has a major bug in which the FPs drops to almost 1 when resource gathering or killing other pokemon. Which is why my server just recently switched over back to All stars today. your players will complain about the fps more and will prefer a pokemon mod that doesn't drop Fps. there will be others that want the other extra pokemon but some legendaries of evolved don't naturally spawn and when you spawn em yourself as admin their hp becomes 1 out of the amount they have causing you to take another action by gm spawning them and unclaiming into the wild for others to capture which isn't the legit and too generous causing players to want you to host "Events" like that again which is too much effort to do when you have to get All the ones that don't spawn in naturally.
Poopsie94 Nov 13 @ 8:03am 
could i stack this with the other pokemon mod? gaining the other pokemon
Tσby ツ Nov 12 @ 3:55pm 
Work it not with Ragnarok?
(SoR)Mictlan Nov 12 @ 12:06pm 
Did your pokemon dissapear after the last update... Well than i got good news for you....

cheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/Pokemon_Evolved_Full/Dev_Aleksey/Pokeballs/Restorative/PrimalItemConsumable_PokeballRestorative.PrimalItemConsumable_PokeballRestorative" 1 0 0

will unhide all "lost pokemon with in your tribe"
Deviljho Nov 11 @ 6:52pm 
do dinos still spawn if this mod is activated
c-lever Nov 10 @ 9:18am 
tipo i have given you the info you need on discord if you pop back i can role you..... beam if you ask in discord someone willl know and furenzu thankyou some of these are already in our bug reports thankyou for bringing the rest to our attension x they are constantly being worked on please check discord for updates x
tipocame1 Nov 10 @ 2:22am 
Hello, I make this comment in order to obtain precise information. In fact, I do not know how to remove the dinos to have only pokemon. I'm on a Nitrado server and I did not know anything about IT or server management as it's my first. thanks in advance
Beam Nov 9 @ 11:29pm 
I run this mod without dinos. Is there any way to get polymer and bio toxin from pokemon? :-D
Furenzu Nov 9 @ 4:03pm 
Hello, I finally decided to download this mod and I've been having a lot of fun with it. I hope no one minds if I give some opinions..?
- Please fix Mightyena's run/walk speeds. They walk faster than they run and even at 400% movement speed
-Mega Charizard X is currently useless... Slow, easy to accidently use it's taunt (L.Click), It's IMPOSSIBLE to hit anything with it's right click, and its flamethower, while it looks great, does nothing.
- Mewtwo is pretty unremarkable
- Unsynced attacks with animation
- Every flying pokemon seems slow, it would be better to have a Classic Flyer dino
- My weedle has leveled up like 40 times and has not evolved
c-lever Nov 8 @ 1:47pm 
Mod id=1100505218
@NOWI: Yes, through they technically just become new entities.
Brose615 Nov 8 @ 11:19am 
what is the ID of the mod i cant find it.
(SoR)Mictlan Nov 8 @ 10:14am 
@twisted try using x or c buttons while mounted or right click... Not all pokemon have complete sets of attacks I can attest to them being worked on though
Twistedgamer Nov 6 @ 4:31pm 
Is there a way to use pokemon abilities other than it's main attack?
Rehoia Nov 5 @ 8:58pm 
Not sure if it was a bug or just me but it seemed like everytime I tried to dotame a dino while I commanded a pokemon, the game crashed.
Vocal Tune Nov 5 @ 7:46pm 
Just wanted to thank you for keeping the mod up. It seems it's dearly loved , to the point someone asked me to host this when my PAD server died. well done and thank you again!
NOWI Nov 5 @ 11:16am 
Is it possible to evolve any of the pokemon here? Like Charmander to Charmeleon etc.
Rehoia Nov 5 @ 3:46am 
Maybe reduce the amount of times the unseen wild pokemon shout their names. I'd rather not hear "PikaCHUUUUUUUUUU!" for 30 seconds to a time(may be off a bit but it certainly felt like that).
Jelly Nov 4 @ 8:08pm 
I see what maps it works on, but i was still wondering if anyone had any success with this mod on custom made maps?
Ulquiorra Nov 4 @ 4:08pm 
like a special attack for all pokemon and more variation of pokemon could be cool please
Ulquiorra Nov 4 @ 4:07pm 
I wish the modders will work hard for the mod Now
makadina Nov 4 @ 9:28am 
I thought I was on this server, but it now named Zoology?
perry clifton Nov 3 @ 6:28am 
@Icreep look at discord - there´s a complete list to copy
ICreep Nov 2 @ 4:46pm 
I only wanna have Pokemon in my ark without other dinos. Does someone has overwrite codes for this?
Henk Nov 2 @ 8:39am 
Giratina's attacks do not work :(
perry clifton Nov 1 @ 8:37am 
there are not all that creatures on my server theisland, listed at spawn list. also the snow biome and the ocean is completely empty. quite normal or any ideas?

i have disabled all dinos - maybe there are pokemons overwrite dinos, not all additional?
Pooch蝎 2.0 Oct 31 @ 12:02pm 
Discord link is not goint time out ,,, i need new discord link =)
niger stole my bike Oct 31 @ 7:58am 
is it posible to add duskull, dusclops and dusknoir?
Elliotak56 Oct 31 @ 2:31am 
y a t'il une commande pour se give les masterballs ?
RoxasVun123 Oct 30 @ 2:02am 
can you evolve them?
tHYp™ [Search M8´s] Oct 28 @ 5:01am 
dropps some pokemon organic polymeer?
Noctis Oct 28 @ 1:56am 
Is there a way to increase the number of pokemon ? With DinoCountMultiplier maybe ?
The HUD on the top left which show our pokemon disappeared, how can i fix that ?
Mystic Academy  [author] Oct 27 @ 9:34pm 
Patch Notes .0153

Added Pokemon -