Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

TE - Climb Up Beta 1.351
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Kentawrus 2015年12月21日上午11:30 
Автор ну емаё запускай уже карту ,клевая же,ни разу не видел ее в игре:steamhappy:
|DD|Spaehling  [作者] 2015年12月8日上午7:23 
Hello, iam sorry i can't really help you. I do not have any IP of any Server.

The only thing i can help you with, is the collections.

You also can go the offical Forum and checkout Clans and Server

iam really busy with my work atm. Iam not really acitve anymore in RO2. But i keep an eye on, if things still working.

Sovietshark 2015年7月5日上午10:27 
Can you put a list of servers up that are hosting this right now? (If possible)
250RoundMags 2015年5月17日下午10:05 
dat trench network
|DD|Spaehling  [作者] 2014年12月29日上午1:29 
Follow my other and new Projects on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spaehling?fref=ts

yeah this map has bot support
The banana box 2014年11月22日下午1:51 
Bot suport?
51st_FC 2014年11月2日上午7:40 
Outstanding Map Instant favorite Very nice..Thank you!
Dirty Harry 2014年10月29日下午5:12 
wow this map is amazing! the only thing i can complain about is the little pillbox bunkers, theyre too crammed, overall 10/10, cant wait for the final release!
dogknife 2014年10月25日下午1:43 
very cool map dig that back deck on the hill house
Aziix 2014年9月29日下午10:35 
so amazing map very goog good
Freshness 2014年8月31日上午9:42 
amazing map! liked and faved!
Dr Death JM 2014年8月27日下午1:14 
k thanks
|DD|Spaehling  [作者] 2014年8月26日下午4:35 

Stalag 13:


This are the map links + ini files. i think the ini for train, is inside the zip.
If you have more question how to setup Custom Maps for Servers, ask

Dr Death JM 2014年8月26日下午2:28 
k can you post direct links to the mods needed or is it all in this d load?
|DD|Spaehling  [作者] 2014年8月25日下午7:50 
@Dr Death JM hey, yeah they should compatible to linux. Hell Soldiers using also Linux and on their Servers i always tested my maps.

@at Rest
Tripwire needs to decide to implement the map into the game, its not my decission. i can only hope more Server Admins, put my maps into their map cycle.

Please Report Problems and Bugs to the offical Tripwire Forum. Inside the Beta-Map Section you find all my maps and can report your Problems there.

Dr Death JM 2014年8月25日下午2:10 
is the server ini linux compatible, if so ill load this on my server np , realy looks cool
Umbrella Man 2014年8月25日下午12:23 
These planes :OOOOOOOOO
ZephiroX 2014年8月24日上午10:44 
This looks interesting... should turn intense around there!! :P
<NF> Desert Haze 2014年8月18日下午3:06 
it dosnt work it crashe my game :I
Aliensoldier 2014年8月17日上午7:03 
This map NEEDS to become official content!
SCUM 2014年8月16日下午3:01 
Not sure how serious the Tripwire community maps thing is now, but is there a chance this could end up official at some point? Its been around almost as long as custom mapping for RO2 and certianlty more interesting than a number of stock maps.
Fresh Dachs 2014年8月16日上午4:37 
i hope the next contest map
_DOOMMASTER_ 2014年7月25日上午5:43 
I will play it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RANGER JOE 2014年6月24日上午10:44 
this map looks awesome! Can't wait to play it!
Kittenstomper 2014年6月23日下午12:52 
Wow this map looks beautiful
|DD|Spaehling  [作者] 2014年5月26日上午11:01 
you only need to click on the green subcribe button.

sometimes server play my map. not always. sometimes hard to find them, sorry :( iam not a server admin.
kill_a_man 2014年5月19日下午7:03 
which one do i download
NERO THE FAM 2014年5月17日上午8:40 
Any servers playing this map?
ECG Cpt. Recneps 2014年5月5日下午7:17 
I have to say... haven't played this map but it looks amazing. #1 reason why is that there is a TRAILER for a custom map. That just tells you that extra effort was put into this map.
Kfyatec 2014年4月27日上午4:59 
Amazing mapt but if you could try to find some real name for this battle from history. That will be completely good to the end.
♣ Luke/Fly ♣ 2014年3月30日上午4:38 
░░█▀▀ ░█▀█ ░█ ░█▀▀ ░░
░░█▀▀ ░█▀▀ ░█ ░█ ░░░░
░░▀▀▀ ░▀ ░░░▀ ░▀▀▀ ░░
|DD|Spaehling  [作者] 2014年2月19日上午6:24 
DareO and psixopat1488,

i need more Information to help you (or that you talk english or german ^^). Please go to the official Forum on http://www.tripwireinteractive.com/ The best thing is you register there. Then the people there can help you.

to the others, thanks a lot. i hope you had fun. its hard to find custom maps in the game sometimes. But there are servers, that need to you to fill up :).

anon 2014年2月17日下午4:14 
so how do i play MP on this
Zoinked 2014年2月16日下午7:28 
this has GOT to be in Counter-Attack this year!
Nope 2014年2月16日下午4:07 
WOAH, since when did RO2 have Stukas?
andrewofficial 2014年2月12日上午10:57 
Такая проблема.
Я скачиваю карту, она загружется в steam, после чего я захожу в игру, у меня проходят все заставки и в главном меню игра зависает и не работает.
Так со всеми картами, что делать?
Estie 2014年2月10日下午5:41 
I'm loving the use of trenches. This is great!
Kaiser 2014年2月9日下午2:34 
I wished there were servers only playing custom maps :D
DareO 2014年2月8日下午9:21 
I cant play any of these maps X(
|DD|Spaehling  [作者] 2014年1月18日上午6:22 
Hello Guys and Girls, i posted a new Video for Climb Up. Its the trailer of the Map. You can find it in the front of the Gallerie. I hope you like it. Have fun with it and visit spaehling.de ;)
tommiegun 2014年1月17日上午11:01 
loooooooks awesome!!!!!!!.......................thanks for the map
Lenki007 2014年1月16日下午2:27 
good job
RaSman 2014年1月14日下午12:23 
на 24 скриншоте неправильно изображена дорога. таких дорог в русских деревнях нет!
[kTc]LoOnyCal 2013年12月30日上午9:46 
Well i only have the rising storm i dont have red orc 2 goty yet. i cant afford it mostly. I think it may have something to do with that.
|DD|Spaehling  [作者] 2013年12月30日上午9:35 
hey, i added you in steam. lets find out what your problem is and try to fix it. i think its time to make an guide how to fix this problem. ^^ point is, it could be different things.
[kTc]LoOnyCal 2013年12月30日上午7:31 
IT LOOKS COOL BUT EVERY ONE OF THESE WORKSHOP MAPS cause my game to quit working and force me to control alt to task manager and force quit the application...
Mr.Coffe FBS 2013年12月24日上午5:44 
Seymour Cox 2013年12月17日下午5:01 
Just from looking at the pics, I think this is the best map. Looks really good man
+=+CHEM.//////.RAIL>> 2013年11月27日下午12:16 
Why we culd n t use this map !!!!!!!!!!!!! BUg problem i think
ESC85_Badger 2013年11月26日上午9:22 
This map is amazing! Seriously, this should be part of the official rotation.