Portal 2
Paint Alone
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bullfrog 27 de abr às 3:31 
Good puzzle and you learnt something new re how to get portals in exactly the right place, so, thank you :)
wildgoosespeeder 28/set/2015 às 20:28 
This is very good use of blue gel mechanics, although the execution can be a little finnicky, but the creativity shines through.
Amphethis 14/jan/2015 às 23:48 
I have to side with that greek guy on this one. I never thought that gel could have momentum!
vioray 8/out/2014 às 16:29 
the below comments remind me of the GLaDOS quote "Congratulations. Your ability to complete this test proves the humans wrong. They described it as impossible, deadly, cruel, and one test subject even had the nerve to call it broken."
anyway it's a fun map which looks easy at first glance but is a fair bit trickier but not impossible and certainly not badly designed. the infinite falling gel is also a trick used in quite a number of custom maps (contrary to my initial belief a long time ago that I'd discovered a new trick myself) and it is most definitely not unfair to make use of it
Brave 12/dez/2013 às 14:44 
My playthrough [www.dropbox.com]
My 2nd time playing this fun map.
@That Greek Guy: Check out my workshop sometime...thanks
That Greek Guy  [autor(a)] 29/jun/2013 às 8:44 
Quit whining because you simply cant do it jeez. You are blowing this so out of proportions. There is always an easier way if you look for it. Of coarse there's no way to get a portal directly above another portal with microscopic precision. by standing afar but you can simply walk on the grate so you have both white surfaces above and below you and then simply shoot a portal right above you and right below you. You just didnt think to do it so stop complaining. No map of mine is solved by doing acrobatics or luck but many people end up doing them because they cant find the harder to think but easier to execute solution.
theblackwidower 29/jun/2013 às 8:22 
Okay, actually it does work, but only if the engine's in a good mood. I'm sorry, but that's just bad puzzle design. Here's how puzzles should work: I know how it's solved... THEN IT'S FUCKING SOLVED!!!

Puzzles that rely on acrobatics, game engine glitches, and random luck are not actually puzzles, they're exercises in frustration. And I'm glad I finally got a chance to tell someone off about that, because it seems to be endemic.

It also doesn't help that you put a light under the gel dispenser, making it that much harder to place a portal there.
theblackwidower 29/jun/2013 às 8:11 
Are you kidding me? Yeah, I actually tried that, it didn't work. I can get a stream formed, but then it starts drifting to the side, and impacts on the ground. Which makes sense since there's no way to get a portal directly above another portal with microscopic precision.

Of course, I actually expected it not to work, because a freight train hitting a brick wall at 50 km/h would still impact at the same location if it went 100 km/h. I'm actually glad it failed for a different reason.
That Greek Guy  [autor(a)] 29/jun/2013 às 7:14 
oh boy...I love how if you cant solve it, it means that its impossible. Anyways To get up there you need to make the paint go higher. To do that you have to make it go faster. To do that you have to put it into an infite loop by placing one portal above you and one below you and then it will go much further when you launch it.
theblackwidower 29/jun/2013 às 6:09 
Unless the slanted panels have absolutely no use and are a red herring.
theblackwidower 29/jun/2013 às 6:09 
Yeah, well, as far as I can tell, that's not actually possible.
That Greek Guy  [autor(a)] 29/jun/2013 às 1:49 
Thats the puzzle. You have to make the gel reach high enough. Duh :P
theblackwidower 29/jun/2013 às 1:40 
Okay, I got one problem with this. There doesn't appear to be a way to get to the exit, since the gel simply doesn't reach high enough.
Ita.S4M 10/nov/2012 às 11:02 
gr8 one