Portal 2
Test Chamber D030
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Petutski 14 юли 2014 в 16:02 
Ah, momentum.... nice.... but did not need an infinte loop.
Drakulo  [автор] 3 ноември 2012 в 9:28 
Hello Faust! Yes you can do this. But unless you have the cube, the door will remain closed
faust2.teil 2 ноември 2012 в 18:43 
Nice puzzle. I found that I could peek through a portal placed on the vertical portal wall up top and shoot a portal on a corner of a wall on the exit level .
stormsend 24 октомври 2012 в 11:22 
Enjoyed playing.
Darkad 22 октомври 2012 в 10:13 
super !
RideFlame 22 октомври 2012 в 9:00 
Thanks, beautifully simple and a lot of fun to play.
SuperChaosKG 20 октомври 2012 в 19:20 
Haven't seen that many infinite loop tests lately.

In fact, none exist in the single player campain! O.O;

Good to see people going back to portal's roots.

Chaotically Complete!!
Lynbean 20 октомври 2012 в 15:02 
That was verry fun but I think there should be more puzzle items.
Drakulo  [автор] 20 октомври 2012 в 14:30 
The faith plate is a way to go back up if you get stuck in the bottom room. Thanks for the video!
Metzger Ben | GER 20 октомври 2012 в 12:27 
Hmm, the chamber workshop screenshot shows a faithplate jump back though a window. No idea where that was, I solved it that way: http://youtu.be/763I4wSeCuk
TheKido 19 октомври 2012 в 14:54 
Quoi, déjà 30 ?! ... Il faut fêter ça ^^
Drakulo  [автор] 18 октомври 2012 в 8:29 
Hello! Thanks for your support! 30 chambers is good yeah. I keep going to the D999.
sspthm 18 октомври 2012 в 4:03 
Bonjour Drakulo. Congratulations on reaching 30. Your chambers are still good and varied :-)