Questo gioco è stato approvato dalla Comunità!

La comunità ha mostrato il suo interesse per questo gioco. Valve si sta accordando con lo sviluppatore per il rilascio su Steam.

Greenlight sta per chiudere. Leggi questo post sul blog per ulteriori informazioni sulla pubblicazione dei giochi su Steam.
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X_xRedx_X 15 mag, ore 17:47 
Damn, I remember buying this A LONG time ago, but got a new Pc and can't reinstall :/
rattacko123 10 dic 2017, ore 3:44 
the fact that the dev hasn't been on steam in almost 4 years is quite worrying, it seems that the developer has abandoned games altogether.
Anyways you can still buy the game on the official website via paypal if you do want to play it.
scrawlmin 8 ott 2017, ore 20:55 
Rest in peace my dear friend. I would have loved to see this game on steam. But now that this greenlight is being shutdown. This game is not coming back. I've been following this game since 2015. I always wanted to try this game but I don't think I ever could without finding a leaked alpha version or something.

R.I.P My dear friend.
Dr_Sniper (TF2) 6 lug 2017, ore 6:21 
Greenlight is being shut down soon... Sad to see this game go... Good luck, hopefully u get on steam...
lpmittoti99 17 giu 2017, ore 11:21 
how can i buy it
Res 18 mag 2017, ore 9:56 
Well this is unfortunate to see
wot wud u do for a Kodgunbar? 24 feb 2017, ore 9:20 
R.I.P good luck getting your game xD
{L_W_G} Corporal Wolfie 6 gen 2017, ore 19:03 
i think this game has been stopped or something :steamsad: but you can still buy it on the website
TimonGamerPC 4 nov 2016, ore 9:27 
any sandbox ID?
Somethingelse 18 set 2016, ore 6:35 
How do you get the steam key ?
Somethingelse 18 set 2016, ore 6:31 
Not working on my sons windows 10
V-Hickel 3 set 2016, ore 17:18 
ZoneMaster 17 ago 2016, ore 12:26 
It's dead (imagine that?!)
cs go potato 16 ago 2016, ore 20:32 
2 years since an update
SomethingNoticeable 12 ago 2016, ore 9:26 
Howdy, need help on the game or anything, people are still wanting it :P
pzyker 21 mag 2016, ore 6:26 
is this game dead
OctoPussy1803 27 mar 2016, ore 8:17 
N3pz 25 gen 2016, ore 12:56 
MrMaddnes 24 gen 2016, ore 22:52 
i want so bad
rickasheye 19 gen 2016, ore 14:47 
woah i got this and it is awesome but it does get boring over time like do a few levels and when you crash like over 100 times you get bored
Baguette53 29 dic 2015, ore 0:32 
200% would buy this game
psycho_social 23 dic 2015, ore 12:34 
so, ugh, you still alive?
The Last Hero 3 dic 2015, ore 15:57 
Vsauce 20 ott 2015, ore 12:50 
AppleMaster47 25 set 2015, ore 10:26 
Its the best game i have played in a good time! :):steamhappy::steamsalty:
SystemRush 21 set 2015, ore 11:15 
i pre-ordered the game all the way back in 2012 or something and id like to know where my steam key is
zhash 7 set 2015, ore 19:38 
Plz oh lord Gaben, greenlight this game
Major pootis 28 ago 2015, ore 13:40 
i want this game
Killer_virrusHD 13 lug 2015, ore 18:25 
new update on the website.......... looks like he has finished story mode
ApatheticConstruct 27 giu 2015, ore 22:46 
Nvm I have the game. Where can I get my steam code?
ApatheticConstruct 27 giu 2015, ore 22:06 
I purchased this game some time ago. I can't remember my account, help?
Dj Badboy 7 giu 2015, ore 9:36 
im old gregg i gotta mangina
Grant 2 mag 2015, ore 21:11 
@PsychOXRat You are very correct, sir.
mmorris12 30 mar 2015, ore 19:19 
i so want to play this
One Man 14 mar 2015, ore 15:16 
I have Windows 64 bit not 32 bit. Please make it capable of supporting computers who have 64 bit.
^1ballsack 17 feb 2015, ore 7:37 
This game is Guud
Zakari 7 feb 2015, ore 7:42 
when does the game come out on steam
PsychOXRat 1 feb 2015, ore 5:20 
Guys remember this, he has a normal life and job that comes before this, so cut him some slack please. Yes it has been over a year since the last update but you try to make a game yourself and see how hard it is.
eagleFMJ 31 gen 2015, ore 16:22 
Games dead, the developer quit.
♠ℜΘß♠๖ÿáĥèll™(H3LL) 24 gen 2015, ore 9:48 
You need to reply to these people soon, if not im going to flag my transaction and revoke your payment. Then if that doesnt get your attention, ill take what legal actions to secure more funds.
When you say you are going to do something then charge people then do nothing its then called fraud.


I want to see some kind of update in 2 weeks any kind does not matter just want to know you have not quit on us.

Thanks, Deric.
UndeadDonkey 19 gen 2015, ore 15:54 
this game look fucking balls awsome
"Just Harry" 19 gen 2015, ore 12:13 
"I hope to release the final version of the game early 2014." Heheehhehehehehhehhhehehehe.
Ichipwn 19 gen 2015, ore 9:59 
what the hell, its been like 3 months since any news, and you said like 2000000000000000 times that it was supposed to be released in 2014

umm, so tell me, what year is it exactly now?
Ichipwn 3 gen 2015, ore 11:30 
nothing, you just failed at life
*Moaning* 3 gen 2015, ore 9:12 
I bought this game like 1 year ago (2 days after pewdiepie uploaded a video of it). Now here is my problem, i bought it a long time ago and i forgot my login codes i mean my e-mail addres and maybe my password (i cant test that), you may be wondering: How could you forget your e-mail? The awnser: I used several e-mail addresses at that time and i kind of forgot almost all of them... so what should i do?
UndeadDonkey 22 dic 2014, ore 14:36 
THIS GAME LOOKS COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WhaleOilBeefHooked 21 dic 2014, ore 17:11 
ITS THE BEST GAME EVER (Not really but still really fun)
ffngg 22 nov 2014, ore 10:52 
Realise it goddammit!
Jamal Lamarison 9 nov 2014, ore 23:38 
Just bought it from the site, and the site stops me from downloading it with "bad boy" assuming im some lowly pirate. what the fuck happened with my money and where is my game?:balloon:
The Stringer 6 nov 2014, ore 13:54