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No Heroes
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2,363 commenti
horse cock harry 1 gen, ore 3:20 
how defuq do i play it
Quentin 3 giu 2017, ore 6:36 
beta on ?
Original Punkcln 18 mag 2017, ore 6:02 
I know that this project has only one developer. But due to the lack of update videos, we started to lose hope and hype. At least put some work in progress videos or gameplay. That way, me and a lot of other people can acknowledge that this project is still on the rail.
Original Punkcln 18 mag 2017, ore 5:57 
This is taking too long imo
ShnizelInBag 13 mag 2017, ore 3:49 
I am since the first updates... Still waiting
electr0n 10 mag 2017, ore 12:18 
can u fucking release already omfg
conz 1 mag 2017, ore 5:39 
rest in pieces
Wint3er 21 apr 2017, ore 22:19 
FirecatHD 19 feb 2017, ore 16:21 
Have you considered adding VR support in the future?
Black_Omega 22 gen 2017, ore 19:56 
:D Ive been waiting for like 5 years and I feel great! :D
Sworean 17 gen 2017, ore 13:43 
2017... Still waiting for open beta
PanSu 15 gen 2017, ore 15:46 
Looks awesome can't wait to test this out!
nIcHduER | 14 gen 2017, ore 9:54 
Please let us download your game so we can review, tell you if there are bugs and more!
Brotha 14 gen 2017, ore 1:31 
2017 updates plis ;c
GANGST1ER 9 gen 2017, ore 10:43 
Ну когда уже?
夜鳥 • FALKE 4 gen 2017, ore 8:31 
it is being developed by a team consisting of 1 man,
u can't expect a one-man-multiplayer-battlefieldlike-fps free without micro-transactions
to release that fast. however, it would be lovely for the game to be completely free to play, but also to offer cheap skins n others as player-perk items. however, i support this game fully since 2014 and look forward for the game's release to the market.
θεός 3 gen 2017, ore 2:47 
I even helped with a giveaway and nothing
pupsik 13 dic 2016, ore 20:53 
what 4 years now and still not out? ded
Animalistic 29 nov 2016, ore 11:36 
atheist 26 nov 2016, ore 21:09 
Wow, this game looks incredible. I am super impressed by the attention to detail ... can't wait to give it a whirl!
Bl4nkTr3x 26 nov 2016, ore 14:54

this is what he need to do and is updating every time... so its just one person so be nice
X L R M8 23 nov 2016, ore 10:25 
Guys, i dont want to dissapoint you but tha game will never be released
BLink13 7 nov 2016, ore 9:54 
its 4 years now almost about to be 6
Nexus 3 nov 2016, ore 16:57 
We haven't had an update video for nearly 2 years... wth is going on????
Brotha 29 ott 2016, ore 22:59 
new update xD ?
NuttyOrc 16 ott 2016, ore 13:27 
I have waited 2 years and only screenshots have been updated please make it early access
War Daddy 3 ott 2016, ore 19:21 
Congrats :)
Son 30 set 2016, ore 19:28 
caiopolus 28 set 2016, ore 0:18 
Dom Rosa II 26 set 2016, ore 7:19 
Jeez people stop rushing! The dev said that the game will only be released in early access for the public when it has enough content and planned mechanics working, stable and consistent! We don't want just another shit uncompleted game released in early access on steam,do we ? I think we already have enough of those.
(P.S.: From what I know, it's only 1 guy developing the game)
(P.S.²: Not actually Triggered)
(P.S.³: is better than ps4 (and cheaper))
GANGST1ER 25 set 2016, ore 22:39 
Уже 4 года прошло я просто устал ждать(:steamsad:
Jeepster Commando 19 set 2016, ore 19:07 
I'm convinced I will die before a release.
HELLO!24 16 set 2016, ore 10:29 
Damn. Waited 3 years to realese, FFS i think it will not release for 2-3 years...
bwpphillip 2 set 2016, ore 20:24 
The Gmae Will Never Come Out
XoM9K_13 28 ago 2016, ore 10:58 
Brotha 26 ago 2016, ore 2:31 
it will be released , w8 for it bois , it may have been 4 years ,but the more it takes the better it should be at the release =c , i hope so
Sniper oof 25 ago 2016, ore 5:47 
Should be called : no release
lemonic 13 ago 2016, ore 21:26 
no release.....
Nyo-hooo! 3 ago 2016, ore 4:58 
Im waiting for this epic game since 2012... I WANT IT!!!!
Ronic And Pails 29 lug 2016, ore 23:32 
oh boy. Anyone reading this?
NandooDias 17 lug 2016, ore 11:41 
no heroes and no release date
Rizaall 11 lug 2016, ore 0:23 
can't wait to be released! i've been waiting since the first update ever!
skyfox585 2 lug 2016, ore 3:00 
I have watched you guys for about 2 years now and i cant wait to get my hands on this, Unity is definitely my favorite Software for this kind of work, you guys really show us what it can do.
MeoW^^ 19 giu 2016, ore 10:54 
Судя по видео, игра хороша, но долго ли её ещё ждать? :D
Mister_Brian 17 giu 2016, ore 22:26 
хотя бы набор в тестеры сделали бы...
BATTLEKOT 8 giu 2016, ore 8:59 
@Mark выйдет, разраб активно постит посты в твиторе и фейсбуке. Просто он начал с нуля все когда перешел на Юнити 5
M∑G∆ 29 mag 2016, ore 3:09 
Не выйдет,забили на неё помоему
Wizard :^) 7 mag 2016, ore 4:44 
Ждём :)
TheiLGamer 22 apr 2016, ore 14:11 
когда игра уже наконец выйдет в стим?!?!?!?!?!
Hydranode 20 apr 2016, ore 19:42 
This game looks absolutley brilliant, I hope it gets released soon :)