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Ballpoint Universe: Infinite
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266 kommenttia
naterobemadd 1.7.2014 kello 13.58 
что выглядит невероятным
Badumeister 13.5.2014 kello 16.11 
Please send me a key :D
Badumeister 13.5.2014 kello 16.10 
Good game!
Marky_Mark 7.1.2014 kello 23.19 
maybe. a bit like defender
sergioreynel 17.11.2013 kello 18.42 
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zombiekitten 10.11.2013 kello 13.12 
This reminds me of my favorite GBA game Iridion 2.
Azrael 29.10.2013 kello 12.17 
Congrats! :D:
emperortung 28.10.2013 kello 16.15 
Definitely want!
DragonK 25.10.2013 kello 2.46 
Visually appealing for sure but gameplay needs a little something extra it make really pop I feel. It's a yes however.
katukinabarra 21.10.2013 kello 7.27 
not my type of shooter but deserves a try, upvoted, carry on like that!!!
Haseo 20.10.2013 kello 15.14 
Not my type of game, but I really dig the art style and amount of effort put into it. Voted up for others to enjoy.
Lokrinor 15.10.2013 kello 9.58 
seems really good
matthewjestes1 28.9.2013 kello 8.54 
Looks amazing! I love ballpoint pen art...
ᶲ CyberPuppet 20.9.2013 kello 19.46 
nice game and music.
Lard Flitry McBittershits III 20.8.2013 kello 11.48 
Ok ,I deleted the 'bp." on the demo link and it worked. Othewise, the link is dead.
Thanks for the demo and GL on the greenlight.
lotzi 17.8.2013 kello 5.41 
beautiful gfx, soundtrack adds to the atmo.
that's a yes :D:
Stimorol 17.8.2013 kello 3.19 
good game
KrissyRawrz ღ Lee 14.8.2013 kello 22.53 
That art! :pinkheart: definitely a favourite, upvoted and hope it comes to Steam! Seriously, looks lovely
"Bob" the Space Cadet 8.8.2013 kello 20.05 
STYLISH! Don't change the art at all - it's awesome just as it is! :D:
SMURFIK 24.7.2013 kello 23.51 
creative design, but solid colours? i think maybe author need add more colours in game? don't you?
KYDECNiK cs.money 24.7.2013 kello 9.30 
good game boy
J!nn3,Q- 23.7.2013 kello 15.45 
Pihro 23.7.2013 kello 12.45 
Love the art style! Would like to know more about gameplay elements though..
alexandrixm 22.7.2013 kello 8.26 
Был бы кооператив на двоих на одном экране - я бы подумал
flüssig 19.7.2013 kello 8.12 
looks great!
Daddy 18.7.2013 kello 5.55 
Woah it looks amazing O:
Alien Abortion Machine 16.7.2013 kello 6.24 
Very excited. Looks like itll be a fun mix of platforming and fast-paced shooting with a decent level of RPG-type ideas. I might be wrong about something, but I still look forward to seeing it on steam, and will definitely consider buying it.
Jabba McBo 15.7.2013 kello 15.34 
Great style. Love it, although it's a bit too fast for me.
NAldr 11.7.2013 kello 22.58 
It's nice and unusual but imho fighting speed is too high.
WhendeeBare 11.7.2013 kello 6.52 
Want! Will tell my friends to vote as well xP
GAVade™ 30.6.2013 kello 8.06 
Absolutely love the art stylings, my sort of game!
Jonathan Sanderson 28.6.2013 kello 11.05 
Pretty cool concept.
Frikinik 27.6.2013 kello 5.53 
It looks so unique!
Evolto 25.6.2013 kello 14.50 
Great Game!
Messofanego 25.6.2013 kello 3.35 
Wow, this looks incredible!
aslkefjdf 24.6.2013 kello 16.48 
ilBiondo 12.6.2013 kello 6.33 
i really like the artwork style!
92nami 5.6.2013 kello 12.53 
needs more support :<
KingOfSoup 2.6.2013 kello 11.50 
✖ DakeN 25.5.2013 kello 6.59 
Geleiras 22.5.2013 kello 16.49 
Nordics 22.5.2013 kello 9.18 
Artwork looks great! I would give it a go!
Player Uno 22.5.2013 kello 5.39 
Here are my first impressions of Ballpoint Universe:

MrCoreus 21.5.2013 kello 3.16 
It's a really nice game in my opinion..
Nein 17.5.2013 kello 11.48 
this looks like a nightmare to me, but one i would like to have^^ it reminds me a little of madoka
Roborogue 14.5.2013 kello 13.50 
The gameplay is great. I've been playing the Alpha, and I love how your choice of weapons shape the way you play. Great action game. I think in the demo you can move around an owl with a shield wall, and if you do, you die? That ought to be fixed.

Fantastic game, classic sidescrolling shooter action, but brand new. The narrative is good fun and i love the backgrounds and tactical hints that goes on there. Plus, it is beautiful.

Getting gold sketches when doing a level perfectly is a bummer, but the rewards are really frequent enough.
Diggs Barklighter 3.5.2013 kello 20.01 
I like the art. The gameplay leaves something to be desired.
Bugs I found within two minutes of gameplay:
If you jump into a ceiling you recover your jump
If you move around an enemy that you are supposed to shoot down in the spaceship section you cannot leave the spaceship section.
yamsterenDK 29.4.2013 kello 4.02 
Unique art style and proof that theres more to be had from the sidescroller, im a fellow doodler and my doodles are looking at me like "why are we not in a game hmmm?"
Princess Dajve <3 28.4.2013 kello 16.58 
I don't normally go for action games, but the graphics here are too awesome to miss.
Syukakuju 26.4.2013 kello 12.14 
I love the graphics! if the game is not too expensive i'll buy it as soon as release.