The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Crimes against Nature 5.1.1
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1-10/33개 항목을 표시 중
업데이트: 2017년 12월 16일 @ 오후 7시 15분


  • All children skeletons updated slightly (necks were too long)
  • Pony and Phony FormIDs swapped (Y'all pony freaks got NO chill)

업데이트: 2017년 11월 10일 @ 오전 12시 17분


  • Updated all bipedal skeletons to use Groovtama's XPMSE
    (All races should be good to go for weapon positioning and RaceMenu stuff)

업데이트: 2017년 10월 7일 @ 오후 6시 59분


  • Quad Pony race now uses vanilla horse animation paths, silent horse animations now overwrite defaults
  • New voice quest added for vanilla horse race

업데이트: 2017년 9월 30일 @ 오후 2시 30분


New Features

  • New Race Power: (Spheriphem) 'STOP RESISTING!!!'

  • Customizer Race/Face editors will now force the player to stand and lower their guard
  • Fixed up most of the script frameworks and added some new ones

업데이트: 2017년 9월 17일 @ 오전 12시 21분


New Features

  • MCM Menu
  • Pony and Phony FormIDs swapped (Okay not really a feature, I'm just being an ass)

  • Customizer script now uses arrays
  • SpaceCore neck meshes adjusted
  • SpaceCore handles textures adjusted
  • Switched Katia child head to base morph

업데이트: 2017년 9월 11일 @ 오후 8시 32분

5.0 Beta Spheriphem Update


  • Reverted hands and feet update (I WORKED HARD ON THAT YOU PLEBS)
  • Removed collision data for NPC Head bone from 'Doggy' skeleton
  • Horn glow switched to dismemberment node 143
  • Fixed Pony quad leg weighting
  • Resized Snoo eyes
  • Fixed Sanic's MSN a bit

New Features
  • Spheriphem Race Overhauled
  • Added second Pony vampire morph without hair morph
  • Added sound to Web Swing

업데이트: 2017년 9월 11일 @ 오전 4시 20분

5.0 Beta hands and fgeet

  • hands adn fee t as reqested by 'Mundy's #1 Apprentice Twilight' i hope u lik e

업데이트: 2017년 8월 15일 @ 오전 3시 59분

5.0 Beta fix

  • Y'all pony freaks got NO chill...

업데이트: 2017년 8월 14일 @ 오전 4시 10분

5.0 Beta


  • All custom skeletons (except Sanic's) now use XPMS as base
  • Higher-res tint-masks exported for all races
  • Races that used DefaultRace armor data, now use Breton armor data
  • Made base pony head less smiley
  • Pony hooves updated to hi-poly meshes
  • QTMarkXtra05 changed to Pepe
  • Power/Summon scripts addspell functions will now add the spells 'silently' (no more corner notifications)
  • Fixed a few head gore decap meshes
  • Dogmer chin and tail fur no longer uses hair color
  • A bunch of crap I forgot to log

New Features
  • CaN Customizer (Face Edit, Race Swap, and Race Power menu system)
  • New Race: Phony
  • Child races
  • Bipedal and Quadrupedal non-anthro Pony races (Non-Playable, NPC Only)
  • High Poly Pony/Katia Face/Hair meshes with new morphs
  • A ton of new skintone/makeup/warpaint/hair/eye colors
  • Pony and Snoo's vampire morphs are now enabled via mouth shape slider
  • Race stat changes, buffs, curses removed
  • Race powers overhauled
  • lazyradly's fitted vanilla hair added
  • More Pony Hairs added
  • EyePatch added to Katia scars
  • Sanic and Katia can now use Pony hairs (without the tails)
  • A bunch of crap I forgot to log

업데이트: 2015년 9월 24일 @ 오후 7시 37분



  • Fur MSN intensity reduced for Pony, Khajiit, and Sanic races