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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Honeystrand Meadery
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Обновление: 17 февр. 2016 в 18:13

v1.3 tons of bug fixes and polish updates

Patch Notes:

Quest scripting updates:
-New Stages: Searching for Neldam’s note, and“all repairs finished, now I brew indefinitely.
-Crafting assets and Neldam’s note spawn on firstarrival, to prevent bugs where some were going missing.
-You can now acquire the meadery deed either by purchase or by killing Neldam.
-You can acquire the deed from Neldam without having ever visited the meadery site.
-Moved Neldam to a table where he only cuts through the furniture ½ the time instead of like ¾ of the time. I blame his night elf shortness.
-Made the startup quest “finish” so it’s not continuing to run in the background.
-Neldam now carries the meadery key in his inventory. If you kill him, make sure to take it if you want to use it.

Construction updates:
-Refactored construction scripting; removed excess scripts.
-Added more décor to garden. Redid some rubble/destructiondécor. Separated out Apiary construction item.
-Can’t repair Boilery till other two buildings are done. Removes door lock issue.
-Can’t furnish Bedroom until all three buildings are repaired.
-Updated/balanced construction recipes.

Drink production/economy updates:
-Major refactoring of all scripts controlling brewing tanks, drink production and sale, and the drink economy.
-As a result, fixed bug where meadery would stop generating income after save/load!
-Didn’t refactor Aging Cask scripts even though they could probably use it, since they contain no major bugs or issues, and I’d rather just get this update pushed out.
-Fixed little bug on aging casks where if you're moved a drink before it was done aging it wasn’t returning it to player inventory.
-Now you get paid daily; the market values stillshuffle weekly.

-Added Hearthfire DLC “Plantable Soil” objects to garden; custom Hops and Barley items now plantable! Grow your own!
-Adjusted some container yields
-Added a script to force some containers (those that contain mod-unique ingredients, like Spices) to respawn contents more frequently.
-Now have 2 cheat chests, one for building mats,one for drink mats
-Navmesh improvements (note I said “improvements”not “is good now” XD )
-Fixed Lod’s house
-Cleaned up the .esp of a bunch of unused objects and dirtied cells

Обновление: 13 юли 2013 в 17:07

Permanently unlocked the door that locks since apparently even the key is not working for some people. This means you will be able to access either the Main Hall or Boilery before they are "repaired" (i.e. when you've build one, but not the other), but for the time being this is preferable to people having to run outside to move between buildings.

Обновление: 12 юли 2013 в 14:59

1.1.1 update
-more water to well until I have time to make it respawn faster via script
-placed key on bar (on the right) for the door that sometimes locks in the main hall

Обновление: 11 юли 2013 в 23:13

1.1 update

-fixed dialogue bug
-fixed locking door bug

Обновление: 10 юли 2013 в 17:14