Portal 2
It takes 2 escape!
Se afișează 1-3 din 3 intrări
Actualizare: 23 mai, 2013 @ 18:45

*Companion cube room checkpoint shortcut*

In the original release of this map, the room contained a retractable passageway in the event of death after this room, players can easily access this shortcut instead of having to go through the entire puzzle from the start again. This room still exists giving players the ability to bypass the first half of puzzle once this room is reached and cube is in place.

What has changed:

The problem before was that the puzzle from start would still be open confusing some players into thinking they had to do the puzzle over again. This has been fixed with 2 new pannels that block the path from doing it from the start again once companion cube is in place. Eliminating the confusion, players will deffinately see and remember they have already reached a checkpoint.

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