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Garry's Mod

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更新于:2015年5月6日 上午2:09

[ Bug Fixes ]
- Fixed Revenant projectiles turning instantly.

更新于:2014年4月5日 下午3:10

更新于:2014年4月5日 上午1:08

更新于:2014年4月4日 下午1:42

[ Bug Fixes for issues introduced in the 04/03/2014 Garry's Mod patch ]
- Fixed issue that prevented the "Downscale" postprocessing effect from being applied.
- Fixed issue that caused the automap to instantly vanish.
- Fixed errors related to entity removal.

[ New Features ]
- Added menu. Menu can be accessed with the concommand "doom_cl_menu_toggle". A bind to open the menu can be set from the "Client Options" submenu.

更新于:2013年6月5日 上午10:16

[ Bug Fixes ]
- Fixed texture generation under Garry's Mod patch 165.

更新于:2013年6月5日 上午9:23

更新于:2013年5月27日 上午8:52

[ Miscellaneous ]
- Added clientside concommand "gmDoom_info"
- Added clientside concommand "gmDoom_spewaddons"

更新于:2013年5月16日 下午8:08

[ Bug Fixes ]
- Caught an error that occurred while reporting a network error.

更新于:2013年5月16日 下午12:37

[ Bug Fixes ]
- Caught a serverside Lua error that occurred after a player disconnected from the server.

更新于:2013年5月16日 上午9:03

[ Optimizations ]
- Each texture now uses its own dedicated material when drawing. Previously, a single material shared by all draw operations would be assigned the desired texture when it was time to draw that texture. The new behavior should decrease draw times.