Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV

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-MI2: Red Army-
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-MI2: Red Army-

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-MI2: Generic-
*For all generic uniforms, small arms, artillery, all unit SPEC and NORMAL files (shared between mods)

Suggested Mods: (adds equipment, artillery, trucks, mechanized matching MI2 mods)
Small Arms & Uniforms
Guns Trucks

Mod List:
1. -MI2: Extended Generic (Non-Ironman)-
2. -MI2: Death or Dishonour-
3. -MI2: Red Army-
4. -MI2: German Reich-
5. -MI2: Waking the Tiger-
6. -MI2: Japan-
7. -MI2: Together for Victory-
8. -MI2: Man the Guns-
9. -MI2: Europe-
10. -MI2: Balkans-
11. -MI2: Northern Europe-
12. -MI2: Poland-
13. -MI2: The Americas-
14. -MI2: The United States of America-
15. -MI2: Italy-
16. -MI2: France-

Mod Notes: -MI2: Red Army-

Included in this mod is the Soviet Union, as well as all of the satellite countries (AZR, BLR, GEO, KAZ, KYR, MON, TAJ, TAN, TMS, UZB) which have a reduced uniform set.

Weaponry and Uniforms:

(Great War Rifle) Mosin-Nagant 91
(Interwar Rifle) Mosin-Nagant 91/30
(Submachine gun) PPSh
(Semi-Automatic Rifle) SVT-40
(Assault Rifle) AK-47 *Road to 56 only
(Submachine gun) PPs-43 *Later Mechanized and Cavalry
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15 Thg10 @ 4:59am
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149 bình luận
McNaughton  [tác giả] 14 Thg11 @ 6:31am 
@mpelaaja they need at least 50% winter acclimatization to show winter uniform.
mpelaaja 14 Thg11 @ 6:15am 
what to do soldiers have summer uniforms in winter
Comrade_Aladik 7 Thg11 @ 7:38pm 
the military models still remain black even when I downloaded -MI2: Generic- and activated it too, the same thing happens with almost all your models to other countries, only in the German fashion there is a semi black skin and half normal and also shadow in different areas
How to solve the problem?
SoldYaBoi 24 Thg10 @ 2:58pm 
Does it change when Russia becomes non-communist and if nations are released from Russia (Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, etc.) do they use the uniforms?
Eek man 14 Thg10 @ 8:06am 
Ah, okay, thanks.
Reem 13 Thg10 @ 12:30am 
@Eek man It refers to infantry equipment
Eek man 12 Thg10 @ 3:34pm 
@McNaughton When it says levels, does it refer to experience levels or something else?
Harmazon 28 Thg9 @ 4:27am 
What about Kaiserreich? I mean, will you make models for tag RUS?
McNaughton  [tác giả] 27 Thg9 @ 4:50pm 
@Crecer13 Please read my description.
-MI2: Generic-
*For all generic uniforms, small arms, artillery, all unit SPEC and NORMAL files (shared between mods)
Crecer13 26 Thg9 @ 6:13am 
And I have a graphic bug - my soldiers' models are black, how to solve this problem?