Don't Starve

Don't Starve

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Pax (DS)
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Pax (DS)

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dans mods for ds
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Based off of:
Extended Sample Character template by Dragon Wolf Leo
Noot for use of their OC(s)

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xuxiang 16 Thg06 @ 1:41am 
4,Winter Noot: 7680 usage, 20% waterproof, 480 insulation, winter type
it's made of 4 Beefalo Wool, 1 Blue Gem, 4 Silk in Dress(unlock Science Machine)

5,Summer Noot: 7680 usage, 20% waterproof, 480 insulation, summer type
it's made of 6 Beefalo Wool, 4 Charcoal, 4 Silk in Dress(unlock Shadow Manipulator)

6,Danana(eat and equip,it's interesting):70 hunger, 15 sanity, 20 health, 7680 usage, 20% waterproof, 60 insulation
it's made of 4 Beefalo Wool, 2 Cave Banana, 1 Morsel in Dress

3,4,5,6 can recover santify
xuxiang 16 Thg06 @ 1:40am 
Pax comes with Pocket Pyro (equip head).

Pax have 125 hunger, 120 sanity, 101 health.

Pax have 6 special items (mostly equip head):

1, Pocket Pyro:armor 4050 (for reference, Football Helmet has 450 armor), 70% absorb, 20% waterproof, 60 insulation ,summer type
it's made of 4 Charcoal, 2 Mosquito Sack, 1 Red Gem in Dress.

2, Toast:hunger 25,helth 3, sanity -5
it's made of 4 Cut Grass, 1 Egg, 1 Berries in Food.

3,Toasty: 7680 usage, 180% waterproof, 60 insulation, summer type
it's made of 1 Toast, 1 Fist Full of Jam in Dress(unlock Science Machine)
Daniel  [tác giả] 15 Thg06 @ 9:17pm 
most of this stuff is based on stuff from a group chat, for example

the pocket pyro is based off one of my friends' old personas
toasty is a chat member, his item is based off his profile pic
the two noots are based off two appearances of an oc they made
danana is the character in my profile pic

i understand that this mod would be confusing to anyone outside the group chat, thanks for asking btw. this mod was originally made for DST a while ago but we don't talk much now

•DESTROYER 15 Thg06 @ 6:39am 
xuxiang 15 Thg06 @ 2:23am 
Can you give some details about the characters?
Thomasvandewaal 12 Thg06 @ 11:55am