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Breath of the Wild - Link [SFM]
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Universe: Original IP
Models: Character
Nhãn: SFM
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31 Thg01, 2018 @ 3:49pm
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Breath of the Wild - Link [SFM]

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READ THIS, IT'S IMPORTANT: I tried to replicate cel-shader effect via phong the best way i could, which is why you have no necessity to rely on map lighting, but it also means you need to make sure you set up your lighting correct. You can also try to make use of map lighting to achieve a better cartoon(ish) result, whatever you see more convenient. Believe me, i tried my best to make it easier for anybody who's using it. In short, you can get cel-shader effect with either directional lights or map lighting.

Note: if you don't feel like having to bother with cel-shader at all, i've included a separate model that uses regular looking shaders.
smallernote: i forgot to exclude hl2 sequences, don't apply them, you won't be able to unsee it.

- Full posing set: flexes(facs), eyes, fingers
- Rigged hair, cloth, helpers
- Separate models with and without jigglebones.
- Sorta-kinda has a cel-shader effect.
- Custom made hi-rez textures and normal maps. (original ones were looking pixelated and i didn't like that)
- Skingrouped.
- Bodygroups for his stuff, which is also included as separate .MDLs.
- Works with rig_biped_simple

Special thank you to: lonefirewarrior for main preview image and providing feedback regarding the issues model had. Thanks, man.

tags: zelda, link, legendofzelda, elf, cartoony

- Nintendo EPD for their game and it's assets.
- Extracted by Trikeboy []
- Me for porting, custom textures, rigging, flexes, materials, etc.