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SW Modelpack : Emperors Tower
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Type: Model, Addon
Tags: Roleplay, Movie
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3 чер 2017 о 9:44
9 жов о 6:31
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SW Modelpack : Emperors Tower

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KingPommes : STAR WARS
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                                          Made for the first STAR WARS Prop Hunt map!

                                                                   Basic Information

A collection of props that have been used to create the above map. This model pack contains:


KingPommes for creating the models and textures


You are allowed to use these models to create content but solely on a non- commercial basis. If you upload an addon based on these models you cant include them but rather add this addon as required.

Tags: Star Wars, Clone Wars, imperial, models, model, pack, crates, barrels,
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Коментарів: 30
KingPommes  [автор] 18 сер о 23:26 
There's an extra add-on for the chairs! Working seats
Limeleader 18 сер о 16:24 
big rip to the chair smh rip
Speed Wagon 29 кві о 15:08 
Do you think you could make a version of the droids that are ragdolls? Like for the Astromech, more skins like R2-D2 or R3-S6? idk. just some thoughts.
pep 23 кві о 8:39 
KingPommes  [автор] 27 лип 2018 о 1:09 
if your putting together a pack please just link this addon as required instead. theres no point to repack content thats already on the workshop. If you are making a map and want to pack its content to the .bsp feel free and go ahead. please give propper credit if you do so.
[TE] James 26 лип 2018 о 18:49 
Hi guys, I was wondering If it would be possible to ask for your permission to use the models in this pack for a map that is in the works?
Diomedes 8 вер 2017 о 9:05 
Project 6 лип 2017 о 22:01 
pretty good pack
KingPommes  [автор] 28 чер 2017 о 10:56 
Troubleshoot yourself next time...

For now restart gmod
かよひら 28 чер 2017 о 10:12 
not working.