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Tisnart Shapes
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Genre: Casual, Puzzle
Platforms: PC
Players: Single-player
5 січ 2017 о 10:58
9 січ 2017 о 15:36
Дата виходу: Shortly after being Greenlit :)
Tisnart Shapes
Tisnart Shapes delivers an exciting unique take on the familiar match game styles. There are many challenges for you to conquer, twists and turns that await you on each new level. Dice Blockers, Rivet shields, Rotators, Shape Shifters and more will be there to surprise you just when you think you know what to expect.
There is even much more to discover! Interesting new Power-Ups like the Shape Magnet, Clonning Grabber or Double Slider to name a few. Use your solving skills in 90 different puzzle levels or try completing all 72 achievements and more.......Ready for something new?

Game Features

  • 135 exciting Levels plus 90 Puzzle solving levels.
  • 11 Power-Ups like the Shape Magnet, Double Slider, Cloning Grabber to mention a few!
  • 6 Boosters – Shuffle, Swap, Pause Time and more!
  • Board Items, Shields and Blockers, like the Power Shields, Dice Blockers, Riveted Shields, Shape Makers, Rotators, Shape Shifters and so many more!
  • 3 different Achievement areas, Progress, Challenge and For Fun. A Card Shop to trade for Boosters and a Themes area to change borders, backgrounds and in-game music

Note: This game was not developed for any mobile platform!
From start to finish is was created for PC, it is not your typical "match game", as you will discover only after really playing through the game.
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Коментарів: 21
doctorwho3dgx 1 тра 2017 о 19:32 
This game comes from a great designer and coder. His games are well worth the money! ;)
Mewling Quim 9 січ 2017 о 22:23 
Mobile game :steamsalty: ALERT! ALERT! ALERT! *cough* bad *cough*
ORZzz_gail 8 січ 2017 о 0:42 
just for the point
TheManCoBear 7 січ 2017 о 19:12 
Nightmare fuel? Sure! Give me more :D
veebles 7 січ 2017 о 4:54 
hurry! you can still port this to mobile very easily :denied:
f2p 6 січ 2017 о 3:09 
oh yeah gimme that comic sans
Valkeala Software 5 січ 2017 о 23:10 
I like that there are lot of levels
Jigen Daisuke 5 січ 2017 о 21:38 
small child 5 січ 2017 о 18:11 
Oh my.
Poisoned AL ☠ 5 січ 2017 о 17:31 
I can't take anyone using Comic Sans seriously who isn't a dumpy, time bending skeleton. That and this is just more moble port fodder.