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SOMA: Flesher [Nextbot]
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17 жов 2016 о 9:11
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SOMA: Flesher [Nextbot]

В колекціях (1) автора Wheatley
SOMA Addons
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Flesher NPC from SOMA

The Flesher appears as a humanoid, with a mass of round glowing growths in place of a head.

! Nav Mesh required !
Will not work on the maps without Navigational Mesh. If you saw this text in chat: NAV MESH FAILURE! NO NAV MESHES FOUND ON A MAP!, this means that this map is not supported.
This is not a bug!

Original model & textures & sounds from SOMA.
Can be murdered.
Compatible with Video Distortion effect of Life Mod.
SOMA-like death screen.
Completely blind: only reacts to eye contact.

Incompatible Mods
Currently this mod will not work with this mods installed:
NeuroTec Vehicles
SLV Base

Console Variables
sk_soma_flesher_health - sets Flesher's health. Default 150.
cl_disable_soma_deathscreen - disables death screen. Default: 0

Sword Art Online II: GGO HUD


Wheatley - AI coding, importing models, textures and sounds to Garry's Mod
Frictional Games - Original model, textures, sounds
Special Thanks
Blazerhalo - for making a trailer video for these mods!

Steam Group
YouTube Channel

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1 гру 2016 о 16:49
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Коментарів: 93
TheMythicalMatty 12 сер 2019 о 20:05 
Crashes when I try to spawn him. :(
The Jumpscare Mansion 29 чер 2019 о 17:40 
pretty much james from identity fraud but harder.
Deus Vult 22 тра 2019 о 12:22 
I need to know the name of that map you used in the soma npc's presentation...
It's amazing lol
Virtue 6 тра 2019 о 10:51 
that video got me good lol
TheKnightOfReach 11 кві 2019 о 13:26 
Ok so just dont look at it
Easy enough..... Right?
Damethemajesticplatypus 25 гру 2018 о 13:22 
When it kills me it cancels out my sound, and death animation doesn't work. What is going on?
Firebro873 19 сер 2018 о 5:55 
Wow. GGO Hud? Nice, love this. Too bad no more will be made, but thats okay.
F.I.R.E 29 бер 2018 о 8:58 
сделай монстра которы отключает двигадилей вертолётов и самолётов из wac
Malchugan 29 бер 2018 о 5:06 
Слеп: будет реагировать только на зрительный контакт
metropolice 31 січ 2018 о 12:26 
How abouit a teleport chance when you look at him or when he is moving to another location, to make it more slender like