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The Order of the Thorne - The King's Challenge
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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
19 жов 2015 о 9:21
26 січ 2016 о 19:42

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Great First Day On Greenlight
We've launched "The Order of the Thorne: The King's Challenge" on Steam Greenlight!
Дата виходу: Q4 2015
The Order of the Thorne is an anthology series of point and click adventures which take place in the mystical realm of Uir.

In the first game, "The King's Challenge", you play as Finn the Bard, a young musician who travels to the Faerie Realm in order to accept The King's Challenge, a yearly tradition in which the King of Faeries holds a competition to see who becomes the hero of the realm. Help Finn win the challenge and write his greatest ballad ever.

Use the magic and power of your lute with an intuitive and imaginative system - play and learn seven custom songs; easy and hard modes for playing the lute.

A point & click adventure, with over 80 hand-drawn backgrounds and 16 hand painted character portraits, and over 25 NPCs to interact with, "The King's Challenge" is game sure to delight veteran adventure gamers, old and young alike.
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8 лис 2015 о 13:03
German translation
5 лис 2015 о 16:43
We'll be streaming Order of the Thorne (and more) for Extra Life this Sunday nov 8th!
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Коментарів: 82
Infamous_Quests  [автор] 19 січ 2016 о 11:53 
Thank you very much! We're very excited!!
Zazzaro 18 січ 2016 о 18:14 
Just saw the release date is on the 26th. Awesome looking forward to squeezing it in before XCOM2. Also congrats on the new baby boy BlackThorne. December 13th is also my birthday (1980), def a day of Champions :).
Zazzaro 4 січ 2016 о 18:21 
Also wanted to say I really enjoyed the trading card art for Quest for Infamy. I leveled the badge all the way up to 5 and collected the foil badge. Will the new games also have trading cards or is it not really worth it?
Zazzaro 4 січ 2016 о 14:36 
Sounds great, thanks for the answer and hope the rest of the Dev process goes well and finishes strong.
Freelancer117 4 січ 2016 о 9:07 
Happy new year, have a succesfull one :steamhappy:
Infamous_Quests  [автор] 3 січ 2016 о 9:31 
Hi! Beta is coming along; we're looking to release VERY, VERY soon! We should have a date listed soon.

This game's tone, if I had to nail it down, is much more like King's Quest. Finn is a good hearted bard who wants to write the greatest song of his career - which is why he accepts the King's Challenge! He hopes to write a song about it someday - and the story unfolds from there!
Zazzaro 2 січ 2016 о 16:11 
How is the beta coming along? Have had my eye on this game. Would you say the writing/story/tone is more like your kings quest remakes or quest for infamy? I have quest for infamy but haven't had a chance to give it a go yet. I'm not very good at being a villain and always play paladin/knight type characters so I'm looking forward to infamy where you are supposed to be a jerk.
Infamous_Quests  [автор] 6 гру 2015 о 13:48 
We're moving into Kickstarter Backer Beta right now - nearing release!
zkclaire 1 гру 2015 о 16:37 
Is it almost ready for release?
Musical_life 29 лис 2015 о 15:59 
I hope I can add this to my wishlist soon!