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Deep Space Mine
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Genre: Strategy
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
12 жов 2015 о 14:37
25 лют 2016 о 16:39
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Enhanced feedback when scanning planets
A look into the production of the Deep Space Mine trailer
Дата виходу: Q4 2015

As seen at the 2015 Dare to be Digital finals.

Compete for control over a randomly generated planetary system. Deep Space Mine is a simultaneous turn based strategy game featuring tactical gameplay where you will constantly be second guessing your opponent's moves and a stock market which fluctuates based on players' buying and selling behaviours.

Deep Space Mine takes a lot from board and RTS games alike, think the Settlers of Catan board game where the board is randomly configured for a unique experience each time you play, with classic RTS economy management and set in space.

  • 1v1 online competitive multiplayer with matchmaking
  • Randomly generated planetary systems for a unique experience each time you play
  • Dynamic stock market which reacts to the players' buying and selling behaviours
  • Fully optimised for touch input allowing for fully cross-platform matches
  • Fully 3D interface with parallax for an immersive experience

  • Dynamic Drill Crafting - in progress!
  • More feedback when scanning and probing - in progress!
  • More Equipment
  • Mobile / Tablet Release
  • Overhauled game over screens - current message is placeholder
  • More Players
  • More!

  • Dynamic Drills - Craft drills with different properties depending on the minerals used
  • Satellites - Spy on a planet to instantly see if your opponent is mining
  • Shield - Protect a planet you own from incoming drills
  • Many more - We will let you decide!

  1. How much?
    Probably £7 / $10 (subject to change). As it's multiplayer dominant we'll likely have a multibuy discount of some sort.
  2. When?
    Soon! A demo or Early Access (either way, something to play) in 2015 for sure.
  3. Which plaftorms?
    PC and Mac cross-platform online gameplay is fully functional. If you want a Linux build then we'll see what the demand is there. Mobile and tablet versions tbc (We have played a match between mobile and PC but more online testing needs to be done).
  4. Where can I see more?
    The best place is on IndieDB where you can see gameplay videos of a two player match, mobile gameplay and a detailed description with screenshots
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14 жов 2015 о 12:18
good game
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Two Dogs  [автор] 26 лют 2016 о 11:32 
@IceFrost - Thanks man! Haven't had as much time as I would have liked to spend on this, and a few issues arose with new updates of the game engine, but I want to get back into this as much as I can :steamhappy:
IceFrost 26 лют 2016 о 8:32 
Congrats on the Greenlight!
Aeonic 29 лис 2015 о 9:10 
This looks great!
Two Dogs  [автор] 16 лис 2015 о 2:01 
@Jet Baker - Thanks man :steammocking:
Premier Oogway 14 лис 2015 о 17:53 
I had to double check the name. I thought it said "Deep Space Nine". Voted, looks like a cool game! XD
Two Dogs  [автор] 4 лис 2015 о 5:11 
@Caboose - Which video?
Caboose 4 лис 2015 о 4:13 
Planet scanning was my thing back in Mass Effect 2. Helped edit a music video about it that blew up on YouTube back in the day. Quite curious to see how this turns out.
Two Dogs  [автор] 4 лис 2015 о 1:54 
@DMHCook, @Creeperhead, @turboramin - Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it when you played and we hope you get to play it again soon!

@skull_trumpet.gif - Hopefully you get the chance to play and you'll see it's quite different :steamhappy:
The Dutch Scatman 3 лис 2015 о 12:35 
looks awesome!
arki 31 жов 2015 о 6:23 
Loved the game at dare to be digital! Me and my brother have the mining licences to prove it!!! :steamhappy: