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Gyrodisc Super League
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Genre: Action, Sports, Arcade
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
1 жов 2015 о 11:01
4 бер 2016 о 12:00

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Gyrodisc Super League is now available on Steam Early Access
Dev Diary: 1st March 2016
New Features
  • We spent some time discussing a new export method for animations that focusses on using low-poly versions of the models to define animation muscle. We reworked some animations to work with our new character model and created several new celebration animations for the player to use in victory and defeat.
  • We added new portraits to the character select and loading screen. These are sharper and more stylish than our placeholder concept art.
  • To aid the game running on lower end machines, the spectators can now be turned off from the graphics options menu.
  • In preparation for Early Access, we have created a system for creating releasable builds across all three platforms. Version numbers are incremented automatically and we have created a reliable method to distribute beta builds to testers before releasing them to the public. We also made changes to our Exhibition build to make it compatible with our new input system.
  • We finished our illustrative work for the Early Access release, resulting in several promotional images to use on steam and a large poster image to use at exhibitions.
  • We also created a trailer for Early Access promotion which is composed of gameplay and cutscene footage cut to fit our title screen music. Recording this was fun, requiring a group of players to record several matches and then choosing which matches were the most stylish and competitive.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed null reference when using a non-recognised pad type.
  • Fixed John model weights.
  • Fix issue where disc might not trigger score boost.
  • Fixed issue where buttons on the main menu stick out the sides of the menu panel.

Дата виходу: Q2 2016
Demo Now Available!
Our Steam Greenlight Demo can now be downloaded below! The demo features a full singles or doubles match with up to four players or AI. Download it now and give us your feedback!
Download now at itch.io! [valiant-interactive.itch.io]

Gyrodisc Super League is an action-packed arcade sports game where players throw flying discs to score goals. The objective is simple - score goals to reduce your opponent’s points to zero - but victory is seized by quick reactions and devious mind-games.

Gyrodisc Super League can be played either singles or doubles with up to 4 players or AI. Players can choose from 6 characters with different stats and special moves. Gameplay varies across 10 court setups, each with a unique formation of goals, score boosts, breakable blocks and obstacles. All of the action takes place in 1 of 3 arena backgrounds ranging from a gritty community sports hall to a futuristic stadium in the sky.
  • Arcade Mode - Compete against a series of AI of increasing difficulty. Play singles, or doubles with a friend!
  • Versus Mode - Play with up to 4 players with custom match settings
  • Minigames - Have a fun change of pace by breaking blocks or dodging discs.

Using all the moves at your disposal is key to victory in Gyrodisc Super League!
  • Run, dive, catch and throw to keep the disc out of your goal and send it soaring towards your opponent’s.
  • Lob the disc over the heads of your opponent to catch them off guard.
  • Throw the disc the instant you catch it for a high-speed perfect return. Chain perfect returns together and the disc gets faster and faster!
  • Advanced moves including looping curved throws and wild special throws.
Use these tools together to wrong-foot your opponents and keep them guessing!

  • Flying Disc Sports Arcade Game
  • Arcade mode, Versus mode and Minigames
  • Developed in Unity
  • Keyboard and Gamepad Controller Support (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4)
  • Planned Platforms: PC, Mac and Linux (Steam)
  • Additional Platforms: PS4 and Xbox One
  • Website: www.GyrodiscSuperLeague.com

About Us
Valiant Interactive is an independent game development studio based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We consist of developers from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee with over 10 years of games industry experience in companies such as Rockstar North and One Thumb Mobile. We have a passion for fast-paced, multiplayer arcade games. www.ValiantInteractive.com

Vote Yes
The best part of making Gyrodisc Super League so far has been watching it get played- we are thrilled to be bringing the game to a wider audience! Please Vote YES above, try out our demo and post some feedback or questions below.

Thank you for for your support! - Valiant Interactive
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13 жов 2015 о 9:46
About curve balls
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thefoxsoft 27 лют 2016 о 6:17 
Good luck with the game, 2 years ago I released a similar game Power Disc http://www.thefoxsoftware.com/#!powerdisc/c1egg so I support you :-)
JustLium 21 лис 2015 о 7:15 
funny game :D
happN 24 жов 2015 о 10:49 
This trailer are very cool +1 :D
whatthevacation 21 жов 2015 о 23:05 
Looks fun
MarLoune ✓ 19 жов 2015 о 4:17 
Looks good and funny, I think inspired by Windjammers ^^
KYOTA | kickback.com 18 жов 2015 о 0:14 
Good !!!!
EzkaTKoB 17 жов 2015 о 21:31 
I hope the "unique formation of goals [and] score boosts" refers to the different point zones for the goals. It wasn't explicitly shown in the images and videos so far, but I really feel like the point zones added a lot of depth to Windjammers.
Lv.99 Boss 17 жов 2015 о 17:29 
Looks like a fun game, Inspired by pong?
twitch.tv/donmoozer 17 жов 2015 о 2:35 
looks fun , pitty to see mac and linux shit
Valiant Interactive  [автор] 16 жов 2015 о 11:42 
Hi everyone, thanks for the comments!

@Chicken and Beer - thanks and great Steam name btw!

@Shadree - thanks for the comments and the critique, it's really helpful. We are intending to make those additions and improvements. Thanks for voting YES!

@Ayaxsoul - good to know!