ARK: Survival Evolved
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20 січ 2017 о 15:48
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TLDR: Due to core issues with Valhalla we will be releasing a new map.

Read more about the change here ---> Map Trasition
To discuss this please visit our discord -

MOD ID: 504122600

Hosting a server? Here is a walkthrough on setting up our maps with CraftAndSurvive![]
Features: 4.5ghz / SSD.NVMe / 8GB RAM+

Streaming on twitch on and off while we work on the map. Feel free to stop by and let us know what you think. Twitch[]

Rebuilt from the original Valhalla map.
Landmass is about 2x-3x of standard ark map.
Water is about 4x-6x of standard map. (We plan to do a lot in the water)
We are paying a lot of attention to the level streaming to make it so a wide range of computers can run the map.
Some issues are to be expected during creation as we don't have any previous map/modding/UE4 experience.
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23 тра о 3:47
Excited Kangaroo
8 лип 2017 о 16:52
ЗАКРІПЛЕНО: Silica Pearls/Oil/Obelisk/Crystal/Caves/Dino Spawn - Everything DETAILED
9 лют 2017 о 14:19
ЗАКРІПЛЕНО: Server/general support.
Excited Kangaroo
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Marixel 29 чер о 15:16 
Does this map have a good ocean? Large ocean? Water dinos?
❤️Country heart 26❤ 27 чер о 10:09 
how do u download the map not just subscibe to it?
devilkingx2 23 чер о 1:31 
this map has a way better design than ragnarok imo. one giant island is boring.
Ixx 16 чер о 23:41 
This map is the Jimi Hendrix of ARK maps.

Stop asking for it to be remade / fixed / updated .. you're only setting yourself up for disapointment, Be happy the map is still around in the workshop and still playable because
one day it may be gone ...

If you have problems playing this map the problems are at your end. Many, many people still successfully play this maps, years after it was abandoned by the developers.

The king is dead, long live the king!
Mattze 15 чер о 23:26 
Serious 8 чер о 13:51 
Huge map with very high potential, but bugs with overspawning Electrophorus are gamebreaking
Nesiclor 7 чер о 5:48 
this is an amazing map, made my jaw drop!:steamhappy:
jw7968 2 чер о 16:19 
this is the best ARK map rag dosen't even come close please fix this map
ChicagoPhil 23 тра о 7:45 
Valhalla is the best Ark map...
ZinhoZ 22 тра о 15:27 
this map have a rock drake ?: