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Genre: Puzzle
Platforms: PC
Languages: English, German, Russian, Spanish
Players: Single-player
9 лют 2015 о 18:15
22 чер 2016 о 13:33

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Year's End Update
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40 miles under the Earth's surface, a hazardous research and refinery facility has faulted. Attempts to raise communication with the installment have failed. The status of all fifteen workers stationed within the facility is unknown. Valvorta Industries, the controversial energy corporation responsible for the site, must maintain discretion. In response, Valvorta's BoD has elected to dispatch an engineering specialist to assess the situation. The mission is simple: recover information, restore output from the facility and rescue the workers trapped under earth.

Traversal through the facility will not be easy. The malfunctioning systems have made the descent near impossible. The high temperatures and the lack of breathable oxygen require the use of a specialized suit. You'll need a sharp eye to find any tools, lifts, documentation, and devices scattered across the facility, and a bright mind to put them to use. Extra attention must be paid to maintaining your suit's battery and air levels if you wish to survive. To make your mission easier, your suit provides a gauge on your current status, a log of any documents you find scattered about, magnetic boot attachments function for situational vertical and upside-down movement, and an instant connection to all terminals requiring rudimentary programming skills.

Find whatever information you can and piece together the events leading to the loss in communications. After that, it will be up to you to decide what needs to be done.
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10 лют 2015 о 17:46
9 лют 2015 о 22:36
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mcdowell25 25 тра 2015 о 5:05 
Just thought I'd share this, pretty interesting game project. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/psycrow/the-mind-hero
twiceXremoved22  [автор] 1 бер 2015 о 16:13 
@ZaCormyr: We're working on it.
@Ezrulath: We are trying to keep the interactions with objects intuitive with the player's orientation. If this turns out to be a pipe dream we may have to add a crosshair.
@ TheRedGamer111: Right? Why aren't there more first person puzzle games? Thank you for your support!
@street_331: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!
@✡ The End Days †: I am also a fan :)
@xenofoxx: Yes! You get it!
@The Pope: Which logo? Will you forgive us? I think you have to...I am glad you liked the screens though. Thanks for your support/feedback.
@ps58: I am not 100% sure what you are saying there. I think I get it. It better mean 'Add controller support and I'll upvote the crap outta your game.' because we did that and we can't take it back now!
@Black: Thank you!
@Next-Generation: Are you trying to plug your game on our game's page? You may want to wait until we get more followers...
@cybernetsurfer7: Thank you! We appreciate your support!
twiceXremoved22  [автор] 1 бер 2015 о 16:13 
The UnderEarth team really appreciates all of your comments/feedback so far. Isn't Steam awesome? Now we will try to address any comments/concerns but please let us know if we missed your point.

cybernetsurfer7 28 лют 2015 о 17:32 
Best of luck team. I'm rooting for you!
kocyuruba64 28 лют 2015 о 3:32 
Thank - good, voted!
Jocek 20 лют 2015 о 23:25 
Bl@ckToolz 20 лют 2015 о 6:48 
awesome !!! so i like it - voting YES :D
ps58 18 лют 2015 о 0:54 
.:HangingController: :ss13ok:
Mexican¿Ultrox 15 лют 2015 о 20:57 
the screenshots look pretty good, but my god that logo looks absolutely awful. no matter what look you were going for.