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Into the Stars
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Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
5 січ 2015 о 6:08
4 бер 2016 о 9:29

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Early Access Released!
Reddit AMA today, Thursday July 9th at 4PM PST
Дата виходу: July 9th 2015 - Early Access
An open-world Space Survival Simulation for PC and Mac built in Unreal Engine 4 that features an original score from Jack Wall.

Take the role of Captain as you explore a massive solar system in search of a new home for humanity. Outfit your ship, hand pick your crew and set off on a journey where you must scavenge resources, shelter civilians and outrun a hostile alien force in order to survive.

Your ship, the Ark 13, is the last to leave our besieged planet and you are at the helm. But before you set out, some decisions must be made: Which modules will you choose to take with you and who will manufacture them? What resources will fill your limited cargo holds and which crew members will you take under your wing?

Once in flight, your responsibilities as Captain will push your limits:
- Monitor the condition of your crew, civilians and modules
- Ensure a steady flow of resources for your Modules
- Explore derelict ships and dangerous planets with Landing Parties
- Engage aliens of all types in Trade and Combat
- Navigate a solar system filled with celestial bodies, asteroids and mines
- Evade a pursuing enemy determined to destroy you

The game will launch on Steam Early Access for $20 USD:

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12 чер 2017 о 2:06
Peyi ACC
5 лют 2015 о 12:36
Backed the game...
29 чер 2015 о 13:27
PC Invasion Preview
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Коментарів: 409
Tired | Stonefire.io 10 січ 2017 о 6:45 
supremepizza420 16 сер 2015 о 17:18 
Looks very interesting! Keep making this game!
Eldrarak1982 4 сер 2015 о 19:45 
Looks amazing.
AussieEevee 6 лип 2015 о 7:41 
Lack of Linux support is disappointing but game looks interesting.
Ash4fire 24 чер 2015 о 10:02 
@ fugtive Games - cool,danke schön .-)))
Fugitive Games  [автор] 23 чер 2015 о 11:30 
@Ash4fire - Sie werden es bald genug haben ... :)
Ash4fire 23 чер 2015 о 5:32 
will ich haben °°°
Fugitive Games  [автор] 15 чер 2015 о 13:49 
Our OFFICIAL Steam page just went live on the STORE - Check it out!
Fugitive Games  [автор] 10 чер 2015 о 14:06 
Hey ZNDR - We did a dev blog on the subject not too long ago that should provide some insight. You can check that out on our website for further details, but here's a snippet:

“Putting an exact time stamp on this phase of development is difficult because we’ll be dividing our efforts between planned content creation and reacting to community feedback. All of this will be shaped by our exacting standards, but our intention is to spend as little time as required in Early Access, which we anticipate to be a couple of months. Given the current state of the game we feel this is more than achievable.”
zndr 10 чер 2015 о 1:30 
@Devs: you say the game is set to release this summer but you also mention Early Acces available this summer, I'm a bit confused. Will the game be Early Access for a long time during summer and the actual release be out somewhere later in the year, or do you actually plan on releasing the full complete game during the summer as well?