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Bears Can't Drift
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Genre: Racing
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
7 сер 2014 о 17:46
8 сер 2016 о 15:10

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Steam only discount on Kickstarter
Дата виходу: December 2014
Note from the developer:
Since the unnsucessful Kickstarter, Bears Can't Drift has had to change a lot. Due to a change of circumstance I am now developing Bears Can't Drift!? on my own. As a result I have changed target platform from Ouya and steam to PS4 and Steam. Because of this, I can now make Bears Can't Drift a much higher quality product. Unfortunately I have also had to say goodbye to the coder that I worked with. For that reason I have swapped from Unity to the new Unreal Engine 4. I hope you like the new version of Bears Can't Drift!? and I can't wait for you to play it!
Thank you
Arran Langemead

A fast-paced kart racer, challenge your friends and drift your way to victory!

So few games have split-screen any more and we want to change that. Bears can't drift is a fun multiplayer game that you can enjoy with a few friends and a pizza. We have been taking on feedback from our fans and have made so many changes. Our drifting system is tighter and the game is more fast paced than ever!

  • 1-4 Player Split-Screen Multiplayer action.
  • Up to 11 AI competitors
  • 12 total tracks across 3 themes.
  • Combine or upgrade items to make deadlier weapons!
  • 4 different pickups become 14 different item possibilities!
  • 8 characters and karts to choose from
  • 3 Game modes. Checkpoint, Time Trial and Single Race

The weapon system we have planned is kind of like a crafting system. There are four base pickups. Boost, Rocket, Shield and Trap. Each has their own colour coded box that you drive over to collect. After picking up the item, you can either use it straight away, or you can combine it with another item to make something completely different that inherits the powers of both items.

There will be 12 tracks split between 3 different themes. Forest , Canyon and Arctic. Each theme gets 4 levels of varying difficulty. Tracks have jumps, obstacles and areas that will slow you down. Each theme has its own hub world where you can compete with one another to decide who gets to pick.
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Коментарів: 220
TheGameTutor 24 лип 2015 о 9:32 
Played this a fair bit the last 24 hours and got to say for a really early alpha it is looking super promising.. will post a preview video here once I have played a little more. :)
i am retard 12 січ 2015 о 17:58 
people are crazy for not funding this... this seems like the most advanced and accurate driving game ive seen in ages. 9/8 m9 = IGN (but really, I would so buy this game)
Drake Clapping Gif 5 гру 2014 о 16:14 
wait, project unsuccessful! noooooooooooooooooooooooooo
i hope this still releases!!! it looks so good
Smer4 18 лис 2014 о 18:15 
█░░ Valve ░░░█
█░ Add This ░░█
█░ Please! ░░░█
█░ And Give ░░█
█░ me one ! ░░█
Cool game! vote please for mine too. Thanks in advance!
Rigar 20 жов 2014 о 17:31 
This game will have Multiplayer in terms of NOT local co op?
Tigerstyle 19 жов 2014 о 10:22 
Yes please. :D

Looks great, Good job !
Barizon O Metaleiro Vagabundo 12 жов 2014 о 23:40 
*O* :3 nice game
Green :) 10 жов 2014 о 13:05 
Kinda looks like the opensource project Tux Kart, whats definitly not a bad thing, but this game had the same stiff vehicles. To just don't feel like vehicles with small tires that go hard over the road. Hope you can animate that a bit more. Slightly more movements, bouncing, drifting, etc. Just my thougths.

Keep up the good job!

p.s. any chance on linux support?
Rolando Escadabaixo 8 жов 2014 о 7:09 
Fixe, ou entao nao xb
Alix 7 жов 2014 о 17:51 
So the game itself is local multiplayer *and* split screen? That sounds chaotically awful, especially when all the people need to play it on the same computer. I doubt four people playing a game on one computer would even be possible. If not for the split screen, I might have otherwise voted yes.