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Configurable Spawnpoints
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6 бер 2014 о 10:02
11 бер 2014 о 10:41

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Configurable Spawnpoints

A rather simple addon i ended up making... This addon allows you to place a admin only entity on the map which reconfigures where players spawn!

To place one go into your spawnmenu, go into entities and under LordiAnders's Entities pick "Spawnpoint"

Upon placing one the first thing you are gonna notice is... Nothing happend!
Now... That is not entirely true... Its because its invisible and not showing for you
You can make it appear by typing lordi_spawners_draw 1 in your console! (You must be admin before it will appear)

Once one of these are placed, every player that tries to spawn will instead spawn at a random point youve placed (you can have as many as you want)

And for the server owners... Its possible to save them too! Spawn a couple and type lordi_spawners_save in your console! (You must be superadmin to use that) and it will save a data file with all the positions
Once the map loads or you use lordi_spawners_spawn they will automaticly spawn!
They save under data/lordi_spawners/<Map name>.txt and will automaticly spawn if the map has a data file stored

Incase you need to get rid of them you can type lordi_spawners_clear to cleanse the map of spawners and its saved data file (if it had any)

This will not work in other gamemodes than Sandbox!

(This was mainly to get a little practise in data storage)
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Коментарів: 94
bimothy 27 лют о 15:16 
ty, i needed an addon like this to test weapons at ranges
Synkstar 28 сер 2019 о 18:20 
People spawn inside each other
my game is set to sandbox but it still wont work nothing works
Reism 25 лют 2019 о 6:47 
instead of me needing to download it and modify
Reism 25 лют 2019 о 6:46 
You should add some command, to force it even if its not sandbox. because it might work on my gamemode.
InquisitivWizard 17 лют 2019 о 12:05 
I'm in Sandbox, but it says that I need to be in sandbox?!
Rapadant Hosting|Vaas 18 гру 2018 о 10:28 
I myself don't use darkrp. I was thinking a more gamemode agnostic approach
LordiAnders  [автор] 18 гру 2018 о 7:29 
What gamemode are you trying to use it for? If it's DarkRP there's a chat command called /setspawn you can use.
Rapadant Hosting|Vaas 16 гру 2018 о 14:09 
You wouldn't happen to mind if I reupload an edited version of it with some changes at some point in the future that was gamemode agnostic? the only current thing like this is a script made by a guy named Nordahl but its DRM isn't exactly the best nore is the quality of it too great. until now I've not been motivated to switch off of it till I found this today.

would be a pretty useful thing to gmod with the right touches
LordiAnders  [автор] 16 гру 2018 о 13:06 
@[Rapadant Networks]VaasKahnGrim
The problem is the way I've coded this.
Players are instantly teleported to one of the spawnpoint entities the moment the PlayerSpawn hook is called.
Some gamemodes aren't compatible with this method as they usually replace Sandbox's very basic spawnpoint selection with something custom and complex.

It is actually pretty easy to work around, but I simply do not have the motivation to work on this further. Partly because I'm sure there are better alternatives, effectively making this addon obsolete.