Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Game Mode: Classic, Deathmatch
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ghOuL #FlattenTheCurve 17 год. тому 
style over substance. the map looks really amazing but its gameplay is really bad right now. The choke points are too tight. its super CT sided. There is no possibility for an A site take with smokes and molotovs neither a really wide open mid area that you can play. Pushing back CTs with utility is key for gameplay and this map offers little really. Its rush A or rush b right now.

you should change either the timings dramatically and give more space to work as a T to push back CTs to site. Right now its more CT sided than old Nuke imho.

wish to see this map be working. the ideas are lit af.
CJ 23 год. тому 
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RU: Пишете что-то из списка ниже, и я вам пишу что захотите
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Ferd 26 бер о 9:45 
Good map!
SPEEDY RUNNER 24 бер о 4:39 
fps are bad
Stanko Chobotka 22 бер о 13:57 
Lpa 22 бер о 1:42 
Congratulations! finally your work has been repayed and recognised.
rOťák ToŤÁk ToAleŤáK 20 бер о 12:27 
BUGI (TH)💪🏿 20 бер о 6:32 
menim66 [SCP] / 20 бер о 6:05 
Good map