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Highwood b13
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Game Mode: Payload
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Highwood b13

Formerly known as Pink and Nelder Grove during development.
Highwood takes place in one of the groves located in California where the Giant Sequoia grows.
This is my entry for Payload Checklist Contest and was placed first.
My 5 choices are as follows.

Respawn rooms for both teams do not move.

sky_yuki_01 by Void
Giant Sequoia Trees by EArkham
Rocks from Enclosure Assets by Asg_Alligator
Roof Spine Props by Asg_Alligator
Half security_fence by Rexy
Alpine Logs by Buzzy
Remade Gutters by Tumbolisu
Vineyard Ivy by Dr. Spud
Landfall Assets by Dr.Spud
Covered Hopper Car by Freyja
Tall Thin Pine Trees by Diva Dan
Bear Cutout by MaccyF
Metal Texture Pack by Ravidge
Tawny Owl - Female and Tawny Owl - Male by sean.townsend on
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Коментарів: 16
Jack5 31 сер о 16:13 
This map is out of date, b14 is the newest version.
Leech - On Holiday 14 сер о 9:25 
This map is beautiful!
Basti 25 чер о 16:04 
Looks promising. Well done.
Punished Obesety 23 чер о 16:47 
@Gustav bruh are you running TF2 on a toaster?
♦Let_Die♦ 21 чер о 10:45 
its wery nice map:steamhappy:
A Knight 21 чер о 8:27 
This map is art
NotUrAverageJoe 20 чер о 4:08 
great with friends
Gustav 19 чер о 22:37 
There is a problem with the spawn doors. Don't know if you are aware but...
and there are "one sided textures" idk how to call it here
setpos 45.395302 -2271.493164 -123.968681;setang -12.362918 -178.9
dsom 19 чер о 19:34 
I played this map when it was still being tested, very fun! looks great!
ProdigiousJo 19 чер о 18:56