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BR Class 47, BR ScotRail, No.47710 'Sir Walter Scott'
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Vehicle: Locomotive
Позначки: Diesel
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BR Class 47, BR ScotRail, No.47710 'Sir Walter Scott'

British Rail Class 47 Diesel locomotive, by killakanz, reworked by TheMasterNerd.
Unlocks in 1962
Vehicle is a Class 47 in BR ScotRail livery.
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Коментарів: 6
darren67 8 лют о 3:37 
Very tasty indeed. You certainly produce some stunning 'mods'...thanks for sharing them. I am not really a train fiend, but I have travelled on loads of these, and your other trains, and they are impressive.
knackerty 6 лют о 2:32 
Class 90 please :steamhappy:
cw_315  [автор] 5 лют о 23:19 
@knackerty oh dear... just realised. Yes, I am a railway enthusiast, but didnt check for this, will fix straight away
knackerty 5 лют о 14:17 
I forget that you wizards are not necessarily railway enthusiasts. The doors on this model have the red stripe of an executive 47 instead of blue.
cw_315  [автор] 5 лют о 12:47 
@knackerty not sure what you mean by the inter city workshop bit, but thanks
knackerty 5 лют о 12:18 
I think you have all your doors replaced by an inter city workshop? Keep up the good work.