Surviving Mars
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Silva - Retro Cinema
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16 лип 2018 о 1:38
3 чер 2019 о 22:45

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Silva - Retro Cinema

В колекціях (1) автора Silva
Silva's Mods for Surviving Mars
Предметів: 34
Broadcast old sci-fi movies to entertain your colonists. Increases lot of the service comfort and is usable by children.
Service interests : +Social, +Relaxation, +Luxury

New building : Retro Cinema
Type : Service Dome, Inside building
Workers : 2
Tech required : No
Service comfort : 70
Capacity : 10
Service interests : +Social, +Relaxation, +Luxury
Upgrades : 1

Mod available into French & English

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Коментарів: 14
Ulrich 21 год. тому 
kafkalino 22 чер 2019 о 9:05 
I have a little bug with cinemas. When a Marsian dies and food is produced from his body, then the body disappears but the block of food remains stuck under the building. Resolves that drones come back regularly trying to take the block of food without ever getting there. So, I had to delete my cinemas. SNIF.
Whedabra 22 вер 2018 о 8:02 
Fantastic work! I love this building.
Naoned 14 вер 2018 о 13:16 
Superb, love this building and so do my colonist.
rcfpena 6 вер 2018 о 18:31 
reeeeealy nice work!
biojazz 25 сер 2018 о 11:19 
the dependency is no longer available?
Lone Wolf 5 сер 2018 о 21:29 
Just sub to this mod. thank you sir.
AviatorNick 24 лип 2018 о 22:48 
DUNE, great choice.
Ol.dirty.b- 17 лип 2018 о 5:48 
Thank you so so much! I added the Essential mode and its all fine now! Keep up the good work,friend , u are going places hehehehehhe
Silva  [автор] 16 лип 2018 о 21:55 
@Ol.dirty.b- : Are you subscribed to the dependency ? Mars One - Essentials . Make sure you have activated the mods in the mod manager.