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Walkthrough (Video) + Missable Achievements
Автор: kuncendorfs
Full video walkthrough with information on missable achievements.
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0:58 -Chapter 1-

3:38 Home
10:30 Publisher
17:25 Diner
22:30 Street
24:08 Portal

25:18 -Chapter 2-

39:00 Publisher
41:43 Diner
43:38 Street
45:33 Home
50:46 OUCA
52:04 Portal

53:10 -Chapter 3-

1:06:18 Miner's Pit
1:08:26 WUP
1:11:58 Robot Fix
1:14:17 Street
1:18:57 Diner
1:22:15 Home
1:27:16 Museum
1:31:44 Portal

1:33:10 -Chapter 4-
Missable Achievements
Happy February 12th! - Start new game on 12th of February

The exegesis - Finish Chapter 4 on March 2nd

Characters - Talk to all NPCs.
This achievement is currently broken, but you can still get it by editing game registry.
Launch 'regedit' and go to:
There should be following entries:
If you miss M1_CHARACTERS_h1443652428 or M3_CHARACTERS_h3752664078, replay those chapters and be sure to talk to all characters.
Chapter 2 however can not be completed for some reason so you have to adjust M2_CHARACTERS_checkSum_h2781472317 value manually. It should contain following null terminated data in no particular order:
Add missing values and play Chapter 2 again.
I received mine when leaving home at the start of the chapter.
You might have to set it back to original value and then back again to full string a few times until it works. I think I got mine on 3rd try.
Also registry entry M2_CHARACTERS_h793040879 should now appear.
This was originally discovered by Mcbain, Formidolosus and LuckyDog
More information here:
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varialles 2 кві 2018 о 5:19 
Thank you! This worked like a charm!! :caster_happy::caster_happy: